Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Last Day Of Vacation!!

It has been a while since I posted. I intended to many times but things got in the way. Today is my last day of vacation-I start back tomorrow. I kind of got used to not working and even though I love my job (and only work part time for full time pay), I got a taste of what it will be like when I quit my job. That won't be soon but it is coming! Anyway, here is an update on what has been going on.

August 14th was our one year anniversary on Etsy!! Just that day we hit 13,000 sales so we were soooo happy!! I was planning to blog but then started drinking bubbly and figured incoherent sentences with lots of Japanese thrown in wasn't a good idea. I bought myself a pearl ring to celebrate!

Moving our office. UGH! This date has been changed so many times! We had planned to move on the 18th but the 17th came and we didn't have keys so we figured we weren't moving. The morning of the 18th we got a call telling us we could move on the 21st but then our landlord came to tell us that we can't move until probably the 31st because the people who lived there before needed more time PLUS his people need time to clean the place and replace the floors as they had a cat and it is really stinky. So....we haven't moved yet. And we kept phoning the electricity and water companies to tell them to cut off the power from our office and turn it on in the apartment below us which we then had to explain that yes, we have 2 apartments and yes it is strange but one is our office! Because we have to (obviously) speak Japanese to these people, my honey called but the water company wouldn't talk to him unless I got on the phone and said "Hai, so desu" (means, basically "yes") after he asked me in Japanese if I am me. They must be tired of hearing from us! ^__^ This coming Tuesday they are moving our air conditioner out of the office and into the apartment so my poor assistant won't have an air conditioner until after we move-we are hoping she doesn't melt! And to have them move it from our office and put in the apartment will cost us $200!! Neither of us can do it as they are very different from any air conditioner in Canada. In Japan, the air conditioners/heaters (they are both) are split into 2 pieces. One piece goes up on the wall inside the room and then outside is the tube that leads to the fan thingy (like my technical English?). So, as much as I like to fix things around the house....we will leave that one to the pros!

During my "vacation" (didn't go fact I worked a lot on my businesses) it rained...not just rained but it was stormy. The lightning knocked out our modem or router or something....the thing that allows us to connect to the internet. So, we called the company and it would take 4 days to get a replacement. We just about freaked......4 days with no computer access....then I remembered my mini computer!! I don't know how wireless works in Canada or America or any country but here the wireless part looks like a mini mouse that you plug into a usb slot so we used that. When I bought that little computer it was the best $1 I have ever spent!!! meant only 1 computer was up and running so we had to prioritize and figure out what we really needed to do. The Olympics had just started so I figured it was God's way of telling me to watch the Olympics instead of working on the computer! ^__^ So....the new router thing came and worked for a few days and then stopped working....and then worked...and then the long distance phone package we have with the router (all of this is through Yahoo BB phone here in Japan....I can call the States for just 2yen per minute....or less than $1 per hour using this system) stopped working. It has been a bit of a nightmare but I think all is well now.

I'm trying to think what else has been going on.....oh is a cute Futoshi English phrase. One day, after teaching him a new phrase (I had used it and he didn't understand so I taught him), he confidently looked at me and said "you so drive me the ban". I looked at him and giggled He quickly knew that he had goofed. He meant to say "you drive me round the bend" but I LOVE his statement so now we say that to each other! I can totally see my family confused by the combination of Japanese and his cute English!! Christmas will be fun.


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