Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For many people, Japan=Tokyo or Kyoto or Osaka even Okinawa but few people know about Fukuoka. So, here are some links you can check out!

1) Fukuoka now-this is both an online site and a monthy "magazine" for the foreign community in Fukuoka. I actually met my honey on the online personals on the website. If you go to the "Fukuoka now forums" it will take you to another page with job postings, personals etc.

Great pics!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Blog!

Jess informed me today that she blogged about my store (and others). So I checked it out and she has a very interesting blog so check it out!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pondering while in the tub....

I just had a lovely bath. It is freezing out (actually snowing) and that is the perfect time to have a hot bath in a deep Japanese tub (with the window open so it feels like an outside "onsen" or hotspring). I put some of my handmade bath salts in and had my fabulous handmade face mask/scrub on and I was sitting there thinking about making some products to sell on Etsy.I love making products and my friends and family have told me I should sell them but I'm still undecided. I had the idea of offering free samples to customers who by paper and other supplies from my Etsy store just to get some feedback on the products or just to introduce the products to people. Any thoughts on that? Good idea? Bad idea? Hmmmm..... Could you answer the poll up on the right hand side please? You can post any comments here. Thanks!

Onaka ittaikatta....or ...I was sick as a dog!!

Well, I'm finally better. Wednesday morning I started to get sick....thought it was something I ate but I figured by the 5th time of running to the toilet to throw up that it had to be something else. UGH!! I hate throwing up and in Japan it is worse because there really is no space to get down near the toilet. For those of you who don't know, toilets are separated from the rest of the bathroom. Some "toilet rooms" have more space than mine but usually not so much!

Anyway, needless to say I was out of it all day and actually it was just today that I felt like myself. Sadly, my honey got sick on Friday so I was busy taking care of him and my assistant couldn't come over so I couldn't work much on my business. Thankfully my customers have been very understanding!! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Interviews and blogs

February 19th the Lonely Octopus (fellow etsian) blogged about my store. She has some cute things on her blog and in her store.

February 17th I was intereviewed for JMFinances's blog (also fellow etsian)...he blogs about lots of great stores so check him out.

The funny things my honey says

So today we were walking to Moss burger (think McDonalds but better) to get one of their lettuce burgers (no buns.....they use lettuce instead....yummy!) and suddenly he grabs me by the wrist. I asked him what he was doing. He usually replies with something cute and cheesy like " you are a prisoner of my love" but today he says " you are under arrest..." and instead of "you have the right to remain silent..." he comes out with "you have the right to science". At this point I'm laughing. So I ask him to repeat himself and he comes out with "you have the remains of silence".At this point I'm just about on the floor I'm laughing so hard. I LOVE his cute mistakes!!! Thank God he can laugh about it too!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Cute Kid Pics

These are more cute pics of some of the kids I teach and their siblings. So cute!!! I call them nicknames like "pumpkin" and after seeing the shocked look on a mom's face I explain that in English it is ok to call your kids cute nicknames......now they laugh about it.

Mmmmmm Sushi

There is nothing like sushi delivery. For those of you living in a big city where you can get anything delivered, you might not believe this but there are only 2 foods that are delivered everywhere in Japan-pizza and sushi. So....today I was too busy to cook so we ordered sushi. This is no disposable paper container either. These are the same containers used in restaurants. I also ordered "chawan mushi" which is like a savory egg custard and it came in a ceramic container with a lid to keep it hot. They give you a special bag to put the items in when you are done and they pick it up the next day-you just leave it outside your door. How is that for service?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day-Japanese Style

I took these pictures when I was in Fukuoka city (near where I live). People were lining up to get their pictures taken with the woman with a hershey's kiss on her head in front of the giant hershey's kiss.

Valentine's day is coming and I'm sure many of you have romantic plans with your honey as in you will exchange presents with your significant other. I miss that!!!
Here in Japan, Valentine's day is when the girl gives the guy "homemade" chocolate. By "homemade" I mean they melt a chocolate bar, pour it into a mold and add an almond slice on top. Of course you can buy chocolates as well but it apparently isn't the same.

There is also "girichoco" and this is like "obligation chocolate" that you have to give to your boss. There is also "tomochoco" which is chocolate you give to your friend.
There are no cute Valentine's day cards that kids give to their friends (do they still do that?) or to their teacher. There is no shopping for sexy lingerie, perfume etc. Oh and in case I didn't mention it, this is mostly for young people. Many of my "obasan" (older ladies) students don't give their husbands anything.

Now don't panic....you must be wondering "when do the women get something?", right? Well, March 14th is "white day". Ok...when I first saw signs all over the malls here I have to say I thought it was some weird thing about white people.....I mean really, would you think "white day" is a day about candy? Anyway, "white day" is in fact the day the men give white choco or white cookies to the women who gave them something on Valentines' day....oh and they are supposed to give back more expensive goodies.

I don't know about you, but this just isn't Valentine's day!!

Being blogged about

Well, 2 people have blogged about me. One was an interview which you can check out here if you want to learn a little bit more about me

Tracy, from Dust of Enchantment, blogged about my store but you should check out her blog because she blogs about Japanese paper art, origami etc and she has some great pictures.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

My crazy life!

I'm such a "baka". That means I'm an idiot. I tried to log into this blog the other night and couldn't remember my password!!! I think it was the universe telling me to go to bed since it was around 3 am here.

So....life has been crazy! Our washing machine broke so we bought a new one and I love it! You put the clothes in and push buttons and it moves the clothes around to judge how much water it needs to use. Ok.....someone of you might think "big whoop" but since my last machine was 1 step up from washing on the rocks by the river I am tickled pink by it. Oh and I love the timer! I love setting it at night and waking up to clean clothes in the morning!

Tomorrow is my first Friday off....and I'm going shopping for the business! I still can't believe I am actually working my way towards being job free! This is very exciting!

My assistant has been coming a lot and I have to say that I would be lost without her-thanks Risa!!! She is going to help me move into the office downstairs. No....I haven't moved into the office yet-still trying to get the right furniture, drawers etc set up before we move all our stuff down there. So my apartment basically looks like Sanrio, Crux, Mindwave and all other kawaii companies threw up in my place! :)

I've been thinking of offering gift certifcates for my etsy store. Any opinions on this?

Well...I'm off to bed!

oyasumi (goodnight)


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