Monday, March 14, 2011

Thanks everyone!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't commented until now.We  appreciate all the  comments and well wishes!

While we are safe it has been just heartbreaking to see the hear the stories. I finally got in touch with a friend in Tokyo...she is ok as is her family in Chiba but they live near the oil refinery that was on fire so they had to evacuate for a while.

It sure makes me grateful for everything/everyone in my life. I've been hugging my husband a lot and didn't let him out of my sight on Saturday as I have to admit I was/am a bit freaked out by it all.

My mom, needless to say, is freaked out not only by the earthquake and tsunami but also because of the nuclear reactor issue going on. We are far away but still....and also by the volcano that went off on our island-we are also safe from that but it is all a bit much for her.

I repacked and added to our earthquake bags we have prepared (since the earthquake we had here a few years ago). I hope we never have to use them but I sure felt better after I added more items to them.

Anyway, thanks again everyone! We really do appreciate you all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Sad.

I'm sure most of you have heard of what has happened here in Japan. We are in the southern part of Japan so we are fine but it is unbelievable what is happening up north. Watching the news ....I almost have no is strange to see houses both on fire and in the water. It is surreal to watch full 2 story houses, which appear to be intact, being swept along the "river". There are now worries about some nuclear plants. It is dark here now so the full extent of the damage is yet unknown.   Here are some videos from  Japan.

In this second video you will see Sendai airport being hit with water.

Our  prayers are with those affected by this tragedy. And thanks to those of you who emailed us to see if we are ok.


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