Sunday, December 27, 2009

We finally chose our New Year's Food

As I mentioned in the other blog post, New Year's celebrations are big here and eating "osechi" or traditional Japanese New Year's food is a big part of it. I can't cook it and we are having his parents over so we decided to order it. There are so many places offering osechi but we picked this one. It is 3 layers and happily....40% off. Normally this would be about $200. We were going to get a bigger one but since I won't eat much of this (I love Japanese food but osechi is different), I will make some/buy some non Japanese food for all of us.

We will also have Nihonshu (sake) to toast the New Year, beer for his dad, sparkling wine for the rest of us and sweets as his mom loves sweets.

New Year's eve.....traditionally people eat soba so I'm guessing at the supermarket soba will be everywhere! The other day when we went down the instant noodle aisle all the instant soba noodles were sold out! I will buy some soba for my honey on the 31st. Then, we will watch some crazy Japanese TV including the big K-1 fights. Here is a link to the fights for that night Some of the tickets go for $10,000 and they are all sold out!

I'm off to do some accounting so I can hand everything over to my accountant soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!! And....lots of pictures!

Merry Christmas!!

I'm sitting here drinking sparkling grapefruit wine (very yummy!), listening to the audio book "A Christmas Carol" on my ipod while my honey is taking a nap. It may be Christmas but we went to the post office, bank and many stores it doesn't really feel like it here. But we did eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and here that is considered Christmas food!!

So I am now on winter holidays and am thankful for that. It has been busy with orders, 2 school Christmas parties and deciding what to have for New Year's lunch (my in-laws are coming over so it has to be good and traditional). I thought I would share the pictures I have taken over the last little while. There are pics from the 2 parties at my school and pictures I took while shopping. I think they are interesting.....but warning...there are many of them!

These first 6 pictures are from a class Christmas party. These kids are too young to join the other party and the moms always come and help.

The next set of pictures are from the party we had on Saturday the 19th. We always do a craft and this time we made parfait cell phone straps using whip clay and fruit slices and sparkly things. They had a blast!
The next set are from the supermarket. We went yesterday and wow!! The people and the chicken!!! Honestly, I have never seen so many fried, sauteed, glazed chickens. Apparently, Christmas dinner is eaten on the 24th because when we went today more chicken!!

Here are the decorations and Christmas goods at the supermarket including expensive Christmas cakes!!
This cake is about $40!!

Of course, Japanese are also preparing for New Year's day which is what is really celebrated here. So, you can already buy food for that special day...some are very cute!!

Mickey mouse mochi!! (mochi are chewy rice cakes)

Nihonshu (sake) with gold shavings!

I'm off to open some Christmas presents now that my honey is awake!! Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kerosene makes me sneeze!

I can't believe 2 weeks have gone by since I last blogged! I or rather, we, have been super busy with orders and stuff! My rings have been flying off the shelf (for me at least!) so I've been trying to keep up and poof.....2 weeks passed! We are getting excited about going away and of course our camera has suddenly been acting up....we thought it died the other day but it might have some life in it yet. We now know that sooner rather than later we will be shopping for a new camera. It is a good season to shop as there are tons of sales so hopefully we can find something we like.

So.....the title of this blog post was something I thought up the other I was sneezing....because of kerosene. Let me explain. In many parts of Japan (including where I live), there is no central heat (though it is cold enough to snow!) so there are a variety of ways to keep a house or rather 1 room at a time, warm and the most popular/cheapest is kerosene heaters. When I first came to Japan my boss told me not to get one as many people die each year because of them. That was good enough for me-I have never used one. I have had many conversations with my students about this as many use them and swear they are safe. They might be safe but man....they smell. The minute my students step into my room I can tell which family uses them as the smell just seems to be attached to them, their clothes etc. Well...the other day I had a private student and the minute he walked in all I did was sneeze for 5 minutes. He asked me if I was ok and I said yes but asked him if he used kerosene at home and the answer was yes. He was fascinated by the fact that I sneezed because of it and that I could smell it. I told him that never in Canada had I been around it so the smell for me is very distinct. Perhaps I am alone in this thinking/sensitivity? Perhaps I am just weird!

Speaking of weird!!!! How about this-oden in a can!!!! UGH! Ok...oden is a very delicious food popular in winter and is pretty easy to make so I think this "convenience" food is just taking it a bit far! I don't just does not look good to me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Red Bean Flavored Pepsi And Osechi! read that right! Azuki (red beans) flavored pepsi. I think this falls under "only in Japan!" We saw it at the supermarket today and bought it to try so I could explain what it tastes like. We thought we would hate it. We were wrong! The flavor is a bit hard to describe but I will is like a mix of Dr pepper and cherry Pepsi but really subtle. Kind of refreshing....for a soda that is. I think hubby will buy it again!

And once again, it is time to think about "osechi". "Osechi" is traditional New Year's food in Japan. I can't make it and apparently lots of women don't make it anymore as there are tons of stores that you can buy it from and have it delivered to you-even on New Year's Day. I can't imagine having a turkey dinner with all the trimmings delivered but hey...I can cook that...this way! I thought I would show you some of the osechi that is available online.

Of course there is a Hello Kitty themed one. This one costs about $75...I am sure you get to keep the container.

Mickey mouse!

We are having hubby's parents over on January 1st so we are in the process of deciding what to buy. I will post pics once we decide!


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