Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!! And....lots of pictures!

Merry Christmas!!

I'm sitting here drinking sparkling grapefruit wine (very yummy!), listening to the audio book "A Christmas Carol" on my ipod while my honey is taking a nap. It may be Christmas but we went to the post office, bank and many stores it doesn't really feel like it here. But we did eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and here that is considered Christmas food!!

So I am now on winter holidays and am thankful for that. It has been busy with orders, 2 school Christmas parties and deciding what to have for New Year's lunch (my in-laws are coming over so it has to be good and traditional). I thought I would share the pictures I have taken over the last little while. There are pics from the 2 parties at my school and pictures I took while shopping. I think they are interesting.....but warning...there are many of them!

These first 6 pictures are from a class Christmas party. These kids are too young to join the other party and the moms always come and help.

The next set of pictures are from the party we had on Saturday the 19th. We always do a craft and this time we made parfait cell phone straps using whip clay and fruit slices and sparkly things. They had a blast!
The next set are from the supermarket. We went yesterday and wow!! The people and the chicken!!! Honestly, I have never seen so many fried, sauteed, glazed chickens. Apparently, Christmas dinner is eaten on the 24th because when we went today more chicken!!

Here are the decorations and Christmas goods at the supermarket including expensive Christmas cakes!!
This cake is about $40!!

Of course, Japanese are also preparing for New Year's day which is what is really celebrated here. So, you can already buy food for that special day...some are very cute!!

Mickey mouse mochi!! (mochi are chewy rice cakes)

Nihonshu (sake) with gold shavings!

I'm off to open some Christmas presents now that my honey is awake!! Merry Christmas!!


さらまり said...

Christmas is already past in Japan, but Merry Christmas to you! I hope your holiday season is wonderful, and warm wishes for the new year^^

Thanks for sharing the photos, they were all so cute. It amazing, those little girls are dressed so stylishly.^^

angryparsnip said...

Oh Wow... I just found your blog. I visit your ETSY store often but didn't know you had a blog. I will be checking it out often so I won't be so homesick for Japan. My son and his wife live in Nishonomiya so I visit often.

Happy New Year !
cheers, parsnip

p.s. love the pictures

Peculiar Tings said...

Haha crafty kids! What are they making? Looks fun haha X) I really like your floathing rings so I ordered one!:))

FromJapanWithLove said...

Thanks for the Christmas wishes!

Parsnip-thanks! I love taking pictures for my blog!

Peculiar Tings-Thanks! The kids with their moms are making magnets....gluing sparkly things to some cardboard shapes. The older kids made parfait cell phone straps. They all had fun!

bentobird said...

Super post and pictures! I loved this holiday/seasonal tour. Happy 2010 to you and yours :)


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