Sunday, December 27, 2009

We finally chose our New Year's Food

As I mentioned in the other blog post, New Year's celebrations are big here and eating "osechi" or traditional Japanese New Year's food is a big part of it. I can't cook it and we are having his parents over so we decided to order it. There are so many places offering osechi but we picked this one. It is 3 layers and happily....40% off. Normally this would be about $200. We were going to get a bigger one but since I won't eat much of this (I love Japanese food but osechi is different), I will make some/buy some non Japanese food for all of us.

We will also have Nihonshu (sake) to toast the New Year, beer for his dad, sparkling wine for the rest of us and sweets as his mom loves sweets.

New Year's eve.....traditionally people eat soba so I'm guessing at the supermarket soba will be everywhere! The other day when we went down the instant noodle aisle all the instant soba noodles were sold out! I will buy some soba for my honey on the 31st. Then, we will watch some crazy Japanese TV including the big K-1 fights. Here is a link to the fights for that night Some of the tickets go for $10,000 and they are all sold out!

I'm off to do some accounting so I can hand everything over to my accountant soon!

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Valerie said...

The osechi arrangements look so beautiful, especially arranged in the lacquered, layered boxes. Some of the Japanese markets here in California offer them for order, and I've been tempted to get one.

I'm with you though, in that I don't think I'd eat many of the items in these. Maybe just the rolled omelette :) Soba sounds good though!


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