Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Japanese Beauty Gadgets!

WARNING: Breasts and nipples will be shown in this post so if that offends you, please skip this one!

I'm sure most if not every country has interesting/crazy gadgets and doodads for losing weight, getting toned, cleaning your house, fixing broken items etc. Japan is no different! One thing though...they have some crazy (in my opinion) beauty gadgets.

I found these ads in very popular catalogs called "Belle Maison" (yep...they love French as much as they love English!) and "Dinos" which are kind of like a Sears catalog for you North Americans.
Let's start with the nipples! Don't like the color of yours? Don't like the wrinkles around your nipples? No problem! Just apply "Top Peach" et voila! Light colored, non wrinkled nipples!

Do you have a "dango bana" (means dumpling nose-see below-the nose without the gadget)? You can get a nice high straight nose if you use this contraption!

Are you cheeks and jowls droopy? Not if use this! Just 10 minutes a day and all droopiness will vanish!

Do you furrow your brow and the lines don't quite go away anymore? Do you have big wrinkles across your forehead? Roll them away with this!

Are those bags under your eyes weighing you down? Not anymore!! Add batteries and apply for 3 minutes a day. Heat and micro currents will kick those bags to the curb!

Does your face need all over toning? Wish you could train your face not to droop! There is an answer! Just apply the "lift patch pro" to different parts of your face and watch your face get whipped into shape!

Roll, roll, roll your way to a more toned and shapely face! As your roll this across your face (and apparently anywhere), the rollers gently lift your skin and the micro currents help keep your shape!

How many women actually use these? I have no clue but they are available in many catalogs!!


PetitPlat Food Art said...

I'm wondering if they work. I'm not sure that the "get your nos right" thing work at all!

Weird stuff indeed :D

thanks for sharing!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

thats too funny! Unless they work ...than its still too funny but sort of worth it! LOL


"B--- said...

*laugh* Those are some interesting 'beauty' enahncers. I think I have seen some {under} eye patches here in the USA that claim to give off a current of electricity to get rid of those under eye wrinkles. And who wouldn't want to change the shape of their nose with that one device? *laugh* If women can pinch, roll or whatever to get beautiful I think we will try it. Thanks for sharing some funny Japanese beauty goods with us!

Anonymous said...

Being from a south-east asian background I can confirm similar products/strategies for the nose and skin 'whiteners'. It's amusing on the face of it (no pun intended), but I am always saddened and appalled that there is a market where *actual people* think they have a need for these products (the cosmetic industry, I'm looking at YOU). I was told my mother pinched my nose when I was young so I can grow up with a more defined bridge; and I've seen various soaps and creams that supposed to whiten you skin..

I'm glad to have grown up in an environment with less pressure to pursue the opposite of your natural born beauty. I just wish more people accept the way they are - they'll have more money in their pockets too ;)


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