Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would you pay to hang out in a restroom in a train station?

I'm thinking this might be another "only in Japan" idea but apparently it is a popular one. The West Japan Railway Company (JR West) in Osaka opened a ¥300-per-hour toilet service called Angelbe back in 2007 after hearing complaints from women that there was no place to do their makeup or kill time while waiting for the train. In this spa like restroom you can enjoy tea, learn makeup tricks and even shop for lingerie. It has become so popular that now big brands are sponsors and Panasonic will bring in a professional hair stylist to show women/girls how to use their new hair product that is just being launched. And Wacoal is going to have a fitting event for lingerie. Here are some pictures.

Add ImageSo...what do you think? Would you pay about $3 to hang out here?


Jennifer Rose said...

maybe once, if I had time to kill but I probably would just hang out to pass time somewhere else. but it does make sense to give people something to do while waiting

Anonymous said...

Japanese only idea. u.u

Satorare said...

Hm... maybe... sounds like it's worth a try... ^^

Tracie Tsuneya said...

Wow, only the japanese would come up with such an inovational thing, and yet I still love everything Japan. >///<
Maybe I'd try once just for fun.

Sabine said...

In Switzerland (Zurich station) there are only pay toilets. They look similar to the photos you have, only no stores or anything like that is inside of them. They do have attendees that clean the stalls right away and such. The train station itself has a whole underground mall which is great to spend some time in before heading for the train : )


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