Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day-Japanese Style

I took these pictures when I was in Fukuoka city (near where I live). People were lining up to get their pictures taken with the woman with a hershey's kiss on her head in front of the giant hershey's kiss.

Valentine's day is coming and I'm sure many of you have romantic plans with your honey as in you will exchange presents with your significant other. I miss that!!!
Here in Japan, Valentine's day is when the girl gives the guy "homemade" chocolate. By "homemade" I mean they melt a chocolate bar, pour it into a mold and add an almond slice on top. Of course you can buy chocolates as well but it apparently isn't the same.

There is also "girichoco" and this is like "obligation chocolate" that you have to give to your boss. There is also "tomochoco" which is chocolate you give to your friend.
There are no cute Valentine's day cards that kids give to their friends (do they still do that?) or to their teacher. There is no shopping for sexy lingerie, perfume etc. Oh and in case I didn't mention it, this is mostly for young people. Many of my "obasan" (older ladies) students don't give their husbands anything.

Now don't panic....you must be wondering "when do the women get something?", right? Well, March 14th is "white day". Ok...when I first saw signs all over the malls here I have to say I thought it was some weird thing about white people.....I mean really, would you think "white day" is a day about candy? Anyway, "white day" is in fact the day the men give white choco or white cookies to the women who gave them something on Valentines' day....oh and they are supposed to give back more expensive goodies.

I don't know about you, but this just isn't Valentine's day!!


Marianne said...

I love Japan so much !!!!!

sofia said...

Hi Mariann!

Have you visited/lived here before? If so,where?

Colleen said...

This is so much fun to see! I lived in Osaka for 3 years teaching English! Talk about a blast from the past!

sofia said...

Ahh...I wondered! Osaka...haven't been there. How long ago were you there? Miss it? My sister used to live in Tokyo....she misses 100yen shops, food etc though she doesn't miss the people (huge numbers of them) or trains!

Kari said...

Yep, I agree. It just doesn't seem to be the same as the American Valentine's Day. I've never experienced Japanese Valentine's Day though, lol.

sofia said...

Frankly...it sucks!!! Though this year for "white day" I'm getting a gorgeous ring I picked out (from a designer in Israel...I never buy jewelry in Japan-crazy prices!!). Can't wait for the ring to be delivered!!

Special K said...

ah! my friend was one of the models for that thing, she is an american girl. Did you see one doing that??


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