Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Cute Kid Pics

These are more cute pics of some of the kids I teach and their siblings. So cute!!! I call them nicknames like "pumpkin" and after seeing the shocked look on a mom's face I explain that in English it is ok to call your kids cute they laugh about it.


Colleen said...

They sure are cute! Still amazes me that people want kids as young as some of those learning English!!

sofia said...

Hey Colleen,

I used to work at a kind of preschool and I had kids as young as 6 months in my class! Needless to say they didn't do much! The little wee ones in the pic don't take English yet but I have had kids as young as 2.5 years old!

Sherbet Head said...

I just came across your blog today via a link from The Lonely Octopus.
It;s such a coincidence, because I've also been admiring a lot of the items in your etsy shop for some time now.
Do you ship to the UK? If so, I have my eye on a few things and am awaiting pay-day =)
I'm also currently waiting to hear back from an interview I went for with the JET programme, and if succesful would be coming to Japan in July/August.
What is it that you do in Japan?


sofia said...

Hi Loraine!
Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I ship to the UK...quite a bit actually!
Good Luck with JET! I used to know some jet teachers-long time ago....they were a couple I believe...worked like dogs for 3 years...saved everything and went back to Canada and bought a house!! Not the way most JET teachers live!! :)

Where are you coming from? Just a warning July/August=hell!! Think Amazon like humidity!!! After almost 10 years I can barely put up with it!

I'm a teacher too but for a small eikaiwa-I LOVE it! I now work only 4 days a week thanks to etsy and I'm hoping to cut that down to 3 perhaps after the summer.

Anyway, if JET falls through let me know cause I can recommend a school.
Take care!

Sherbet Head said...

Amazing! I love all of your little stationary sets, buttons and fabrics. I cannot wait until payday!

If I'm sucessful with JET, I hope I'll be able to pay off some of the student debt I've aquired, but I really want to see Japan. I've been obsessed for years.

I'm coming from the West of Scotland, just outside of Glasgow. How long have you been living in Japan? And where did you come from?

It's great that you've been able to do find a balance between work and craft-orientated work. It's something I hope to achieve in the next few years.

Glad I bumped into your blog =)

Hope you are well!

sofia said...

I'm from Canada and I've been here almost 10 years!!! Hard to believe! Some people don't last-they find the culture shock....well...shocking! I didn't have any (only price shock). If you have any questions just ask!


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