Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Blog!

Jess informed me today that she blogged about my store (and others). So I checked it out and she has a very interesting blog so check it out!


Gis said...

dear! hi! i love your things at etsy i am a huge letterpaper collector or i was hehehe some years ago :D
anyways just wanted to let you know i have tonz of blogger templates in my blog for download and that id love to help you make your own if you ever want one (for free of course just let me know :D

stellamary said...

Hey! I love your blog, hearing about Japanese culture is always so interesting. i just ordered some note pads :) and i can't wait to use them. (getting real mail is so much better than e-mail and such!)
I think your sample idea is a good one! Good luck with your business!

marisa said...

konnichiwa! I just found you etsy store and love everything there, especially all of your sakura stickers. I am throwing a bridal shower for a friend of mine and cherry blossoms are my the theme I'm trying to stick to.

I lived in Saga-shi for a year as a nova teacher, and miss it so much... my husband and I are trying to move back to Fukuoka later in the year... anyway, your site is a nice reminder of how lovely japan is... :)

sofia said...

Gis-Thanks for the offer!!

Stellamary-thanks for the order, the compliments and the good wishes for my business!

Marisa! Konnichiwa! Nova! I'm soooo sure you've heard all about what has been going on! Still, there are lots of jobs here. You should check out the free classifieds on


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