Thursday, February 7, 2008

My crazy life!

I'm such a "baka". That means I'm an idiot. I tried to log into this blog the other night and couldn't remember my password!!! I think it was the universe telling me to go to bed since it was around 3 am here. has been crazy! Our washing machine broke so we bought a new one and I love it! You put the clothes in and push buttons and it moves the clothes around to judge how much water it needs to use. Ok.....someone of you might think "big whoop" but since my last machine was 1 step up from washing on the rocks by the river I am tickled pink by it. Oh and I love the timer! I love setting it at night and waking up to clean clothes in the morning!

Tomorrow is my first Friday off....and I'm going shopping for the business! I still can't believe I am actually working my way towards being job free! This is very exciting!

My assistant has been coming a lot and I have to say that I would be lost without her-thanks Risa!!! She is going to help me move into the office downstairs. No....I haven't moved into the office yet-still trying to get the right furniture, drawers etc set up before we move all our stuff down there. So my apartment basically looks like Sanrio, Crux, Mindwave and all other kawaii companies threw up in my place! :)

I've been thinking of offering gift certifcates for my etsy store. Any opinions on this?

Well...I'm off to bed!

oyasumi (goodnight)


Anonymous said...

I would love gift cards! As it is, I'll be sending my husband and my family links to products I want for my birthday...

maoiliosa said...

i'm feeling the same excitement about my shop! wouldn't it be great to just do our etsy shops for a living? hey, a girl can dream :).

as you can see by my frequent orders, i LOVE your shop, and i think gift cards are a great idea! it would be great to, for instance, let a friend of mine pick out the stickers she wants instead of me guessing what would be her taste.

and you are not baka! i have a different password for like everything, and i frequently forget them, much to the annoyance of websites' tech support :p.

well anyway, hope you're having a great day there in japan :).


sofia said...

Thanks ladies for your opinions. I'm going to try to work on those and offer them soon. And thanks Melissa for telling me I'm not a baka!! :)


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