Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catching up, rambling and a cute baby pic

Ok...I had to show this photo....I took it today. Isn't she cute!!!! She is my little student's baby sister and she has the biggest cutest cheeks I have ever seen!
I can't believe how busy I have been!! I'm not fact I'm over the moon with joy. When I started my shop on Etsy, never did I think it would take off like this!! I have learned that I can't do this on my own. So, I hired an assistant. She started in late December and my original plans for her have changed....I am going to have her come and work with me a lot more.

I am also training a teacher to take over my Friday classes so I can work on my business!! I'm so happy about this!! I can totally see that I will soon need to have Thursdays off too. But between my assistant coming more and having Fridays off I should be able to get a lot more done including blogging!! I LOVE ETSY!!!

I have so many blog stories planned so keep checking in.

Also, one of my rubber stamp sets has been featured in "wickedly chic" under "daily ditties"-check them out!

Also, I will be interviewed for another blog....I will post the link once it is finished.
It is almost 3 am here so oyasumi (goodnight)


Anonymous said...

She looks like a little peach! <3

Blooming said...

She's cute alright!

Hey Happy new year!

Your shop is doing amazingly. Every time I am on Pounce you get sales. You must be so busy at the post office.

I blogged about your shop and two people including my sister said they were checking out your awesome shop.

See ya. I love Etsy too!

shoe addict said...

Congrats about your shop! And yes that baby is soooo cute! Love her outfit too


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