Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi tech sushi, "green" McDonald's and Christmas Eve

Just a note-it is Christmas here even though the date says it is the 24th.

Yesterday, we went into town to figure out what is going on with my cell phone. As I mentioned in another blog post I was over charged by $200 on my cell phone and I wanted to know 1) why and 2) how to stop it. So we went to Yodobashi electronics store.

First, we were sooooo hungry and we really wanted to eat at the Indian restaurant (the top floor in the electronics store has many restaurants) but it was closed so we went to a new "keitan" (round about) sushi shop. This one is hi tech!! Usually if you want to order off the menu you push a button and a waitress comes but at this place the menu is on a computer.
You push a bunch of buttons to order what you want and then it comes around on the conveyor belt with your seat number just before the sushi you ordered so no one is supposed to take it.

Not very "gaijin" (foreinger) friendly as most of us can't read Kanji (Chinese characters) and I almost took the wrong sushi! But I was with my honey so he taught me how to use it. It was good-I'm sure we will go back.

So....after lunch we went down to the cell phone area and talked to a guy about my phone. As he was playing with my phone I was sitting at the counter looking around. Suddenly there was "a happening". We were sitting next to one of the entrances and being Christmas eve, it was very busy with people coming and going. So...suddenly this guy goes running out of the store.....pushing people out of the way, including pushing a little kid to the ground-alarms are going off and then a store clerk goes running after him. I couldn't believe was the first time in 10 years of living here that I saw someone steal something!!

Finally the guy finished with my phone (we are keeping our fingers crossed that it works) so we headed home. When we got to our town we headed to another mall to pick up a few things. Of course there was a line up at the KFC for Christmas dinner. We checked it out just to see what was on the menu and the only thing on the menu that was available were Christmas specials. One was $35 for 5 pieces of chicken, 12 chicken nuggets and maybe 6 chicken tenders! No thanks!

Then we noticed at McDonald's that there were no more plastic bags. Instead there are "eco" bags

Finally we got home and relaxed. I was hoping to watch some kind of Christmas show and the only one on was a musical "Scrooge" from 1970 that was more than a bit corny! My honey had never heard of "scrooge" or "bah humbug" so he learned a few things last night!

Merry Christmas!


MaliciousGnome said...

Merry Christmas! :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Merry Christmas!! :D

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Mmmm.....sushi! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Sadao said...

Sorry you had to see something like that on Christmas Eve.
I hope it didn't do too much damage to your Christmas spirit.

"B--- said...

I love your blog because you can show us (out here in the USA) what daily life is like, and what things look like. I've always been curious about Japan and everything there, the food and people. I love your Etsy shop and can't wait to read more new blogs!

FromJapanWithLove said...

Thanks for the Merry Christmas wishes!

Sadao-to be honest and not to be a "humbug" about it...I never have much Christmas spirit in Japan.

B-thanks for the kind words!

mathew said...

is that restaurant in kyoto? it looks so similar to the one i went to when i was in japan! 105 yen per piece yum


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