Thursday, April 16, 2009

How cool is this?I am blogging from my cell phone on a train in Japan!

Ok-maybe this isn't cool for you but I love this! The other day I logged into blogger and saw that you could set up your cell phone.I almost didn't because I assumed it wouldn't work but I tried it and it works! While I am sure blogs from my cell phone won't be long I like the idea of it a lot.Only time will tell if I use it.

Anyway, I am on my way into town to meet my friend and eat Indian food ane of course go to starbucks.Girl time here I come!(^-^)

Question-would you find it annoying to read a blog with lots of short-twitter like-entries? I stopped using twitter for a few reasons but one is because I can't set up my cell phone in Japan which is how I wanted to use twitter.Opinions welcome!


Craig said...

I say the more posts the merrier! Little snippets of Japanese stuff is always welcome.

Jennifer Rose said...

It doesn't bother me to read short-twitter like entries. I agree with Craig. Little pieces of Japanese life is welcome :)

FromJapanWithLove said...

I'm so glad to hear this because I really love the idea of being able to share things right away. I'm wondering if I can send pics this way to...hmmm...will have to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I like reading your long, detailed posts more than a bunch of short Twitter-like posts.

I thought it was fine when you had Twitter stuff off to the right-side of your page.

terryann said...

I would really like photos, just a post with photos of Japan and/or Japanese things.
We have a sushi place here called "blue C sushi" it runs a video of Tokyo street performers and store sales... I am constantly watching it while I eat there. I also miss the japanese comedy shows and competition shows... maybe some post about the newest ones. I so miss Japan!

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi Terryann and anonymous....I would love to twitter from my phone but can't....keep forgetting to see if I can send a pic from my cell phone because that would be great...a blurb and a pic from my phone....must go see if I can do this!


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