Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hisashiburi! Long time no blog!

It has been a while since I blogged-I've been busy! I finally get to go pick up my spousal visa so I'm so relieved that it will be over with! I've also been booking appointments back in Canada...eye doctor, dentist, lawyers to make a will...etc etc. We will be busy in Canada...perhaps not as relaxing as I would like it to be. So...I don't have too much to say except it is getting hot here!!! UGH..."tsuyu" or rainy season has started so it has been getting humid. Needless to say, the air conditioner will be my best friend for the next 4-4.5 months. At least for 2 weeks I will have better weather in Canada!
Since not much is new, I thought I would share some pictures.

The first 3 pictures are taken at a local were trying to catch fish with paper nets.

Here are some bottles of sake that are decorated and ready for summer!

In Japan, many people stand and read (not open and glance at it...I mean READ) magazines at the bookstore and at 7-11 stores, so they have to wrap them to stop people from reading them. They might leave 1 open so people can check it out.

Here are some pics of my favorite little guy (he is my student's little brother)

Their mom (the kids in the pics above) made these beads from round PET bottles (for colas etc). Her whole neighbourhood is making them to use for decorating something for a children's festival.

She told me how to make them....hope I got this right. She takes the round PET bottles and cuts off the smooth parts (which is at the top and maybe the bottom-wherever it is smooth). Then she cuts along the seams so she gets 2 pieces. Then she cuts them into 1cm wide x 2 cm long strips. She paints the inside of the little strip (so the side that would have touched the cola). Then she prepares a toaster oven (not a regular toaster) to get real hot. Then she puts the strips on the little toaster pan with the painted side up. When the oven is super hot she puts them in for 10 SECONDS and they curl up. She pulls them out and lets them cool and voila...beads! I might be the only one who thinks they are cool but man...they were pretty cool to see and my boss loves giving her his round bottles...less for him to recycle!


Saint said...

I love the pictures of the little festival in the mall, and the pretty bottles!

That's a really neat way to make beads, they look so cute. I would totally try it if I had a toaster oven!

Grace said...

When and where are you going back to Canada??

Oooh I love those decorated sake bottles!!

I remember the hot summer year I went to Japan and it was WAY too HUMID for me, I couldn't handle it. After that holiday to Japan, never again will I be going back during the summer and oh yes, I didn't like the weather in Feb/March either because it was too cold for me. I like the April/May time the best!!

terryann said...

oh I want to make beads too, what kind of plastic is that? I love the many climates in Japan! weather good and bad is everywhere...♥

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi Saint...I know! I don't have a toaster oven either!

Grace...going to towns closer to Toronto...totally wish I was going to Vancouver!!! I miss the weather in the summer there!

Hi Terryann....they are made from ROUND plastic PET bottles that cola comes in. When you see a round bottle just check the bottom and if it says "PET" then you can use them. YOu have to kind of "saw" in to piece and then cut them along the seams and then into the little strips. It seems so cool!

Jonas said...

Really really great photos! Thanks for sharing. How's life in Japan? Hawaii Statehood Apparel might interest some of your Japanese friends. Thanks again.

maoiliosa said...

oh my goodness, those sake bottles are ADORABLE! love them!

UB said...

All very fab adorable!


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