Sunday, October 25, 2009

The cutest point card ever!!

Point cards are everywhere here as I'm sure they are in North America. Most are just functional and not much to look at but I went to a nearby "kaiten" (conveyor belt) sushi place the other day and as I was paying I saw these point cards.

They are for kids only and they get a stamp for each time they come in and after 10 times they get a gift. Not sure what the gift is but I'm sure the kids would be happy! I asked the lady at the at the register if I could take one and she looked at me like I was crazy so my hubby said that it is so cute that I would like to keep one. I'm sure that gave her something to talk about!


Lia Chen said...

Ohh ... that point card is so kawaii!!

Grace said...

Awww - I'd ask to take one home too!!

FromJapanWithLove said...

I thought you might find it as cute! But seriously, the lady at the register looked at me like I was crazy!!


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