Thursday, January 21, 2010

Japan's New Finance Minister Wants His Staff To Have More Sex read that right! Apparently the new minister feels that if his staff makes love...productivity will improve and will somehow help the debt crisis! But this is a country where 34 percent of Japanese respondents to a survey said they have sex once a week!

He wants people to go home at 6pm-just like they do in the West. At least there will be chance of sex happening. This is a country after all where husbands often come home at midnight and wake up at 5 so there is very little chance of sex happening when exhausted!

You might want to read the article


chinamommy said...

well, now I know why they aren't having sex... they're not to tired from work, it's TOO cold!! Yikes, no heat in the house? I would sit under that table blanket thingy all day long! I HATE the cold!

love juice said...

good stuff, smart man. love the blog.


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