Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amazing onsens!!!

I am not a big fan of Japanese TV because I just don't get many of the programs ("don't get" meaning the humour is strange in my opinion) but one of the exceptions is their travel shows. Japan has one of the highest rates of domestic travel and I totally understand why every time I view one of their travel shows. The show I just finished watching was about onsens (hot springs). I thought I would share some of the pictures. Remember when you go to an onsen you are naked ... so we only go to ones that have private onsens meaning your room has an onsen attached to it....either on a balcony, on a patio, in a private garden etc.

The first one is in Shizuoka ken (same prefecture as Mount Fuji). For one night 2 days the price starts at 20,000 Yen ($224) and this includes the room and dinner and breakfast and the hot spring.

The room.

The hot springs.

The food.

This next onsen is in Chiba (near Tokyo). For 1 night 2 days the price is 22,000 Yen ($247) per person. This price includes the room, hot spring, dinner and breakfast. This place has many private hot springs.

This next one is in Nagano prefecture. The cost starts at 16,000 Yen ($179) for 1 night 2 days. It includes the room, onsen, dinner and breakfast.

This room has a private hot spring on the balcony.


A traditional fire cooked meal. This style is very cool. You put the food on sticks and the sticks are put in the sand around the fire to cook.

Amazingly beautiful!! I LOVE watching these shows. Hopefully we will go to one soon!


buck blankenship said...

What are the names of these onsen? They look awesome!


Filip Demuinck said...

looks very nice, I always enjoy the onsen

Avlor said...

These look so delightful!

JGV said...

Aaahhhh! So wonderful and peaceful looking! They are definitely one of my choices for a honeymoon, haha.
Thank you so much!

Revanche said...

Oh my goodness, if I save enough money any time soon (12+ months), I hope you'll be able to give onsen recommendations!

These look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Like buck blankenship I would really like to know the names of the onsens !


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