Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remember this little guy?

Back in 2008 I put up this picture of my student's little brother (with my student).

He was sooo cute and he let me play with him and pick him up. I loved Thursdays because I could play with him. he is my student! He is 3 and is in a "mommy and me" class. We sing ABC and other songs. He is learning  colors, numbers etc. His pronunciation is soooo cute-"fish" is "pish" and my name is "sopia". He belts out the ABC song and apparently sings it all the time which his sister (the girl in the above photo) complains to me about! is his latest picture. He is still a cutie!

1 comment:

chinamommy said...

he IS adorable!! Time goes so fast, I adopted my little one when she was 11 months, now she's 7!! It seems like we were just flying home from China yesterday!


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