Sunday, April 10, 2011

50% Off Sale!

I don't normally blog about  our stores on this particular blog but in this case I decided to since we are having a big sale!

In Japan, April is the season of new beginnings!  We are making some changes for our business and have decided to stop carrying certain items in our store (or clear out older products to make room for new items) so we are offering them at 50% off.

The following items are all 50% off

* Craft Books
* Memo Pads
* Clay Kits
* All Fabric
* Appliques
* Fabric tape and ribbon
* Gift bags
* Letter Sets
* Bags
* Re-ment Miniatures
* Felt
* Pencils
* Buttons
* Clay Molds
* Wood clips

1 comment:

Japan Australia said...

Looks like a great sale!!

I hope for a fresh start for Japan and the start of some great things happening for the people in Japan.

Japan Australia


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