Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gluten free grain free and delicious!!

Last month on one of the forums I read, a woman mentioned making these "buns" and then using the same recipe to make a pizza dough. She said both were out of this world. She then linked the recipe.  I just made some and while my pictures don't show how good these are...holy cow!! These are amazing. They are crusty on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.

They are basically (I didn't know this before reading the information on the blog) a Brazilian cheese bread. Mixes can be bought under the "chebe" brand in the States. I don't have access to those here but I can get tapioca starch so I can make them.  Click here for the recipe .  If you need to eat gluten free and/or grain free then you really need to try it!  They are super easy to make and you can adjust the seasonings. I didn't add the chives or dill. Instead I added fresh rosemary and other Italian herbs and for my second batch I used a combo of olive oil and coconut oil as we didn't have any butter in the house (there is another butter shortage in Japan right now).

These can made in any size and today I cut one in half and put some ham in the middle-so good!  Next I'm going to make a pizza crust -I probably won't include the baking powder or less baking powder as I don't want it to get too puffy. 

Oh and if you are in Japan and need to buy tapioca starch, you won't find it in the supermarket (at least we can't) so you can buy it here-they have the best prices .


Japan Australia said...

They look very good and something you can make a few variations of as well :)

Japan Australia

Japan Sinkanse said...

Nicxxe post... its look nice taste.. I love it :)

Dave said...

Your food looks delicious, I will keep coming back to your website to look at your beautiful dishes.


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