Friday, November 11, 2011

Pepsi Pink! Strawberry and milk flavored Pepsi!

I'm pretty sure this is only in Japan. Pink Pepsi. Yeah...I did a double take when I saw it at the supermarket but of course we picked it up to try it!

I have to say it isn't bad! It isn't Pepsi by any means (and that is ok in my books as I'm not a big cola lover). It isn't super super sweet and the taste really was  strawberry milk. I would buy it again.  My husband said it was just ok but I'm not sure he is a big fan of strawberry flavored anything. 

This is only available for a limited time-which I might point out is very annoying and very common in Japan. I have to say I hate it when I find something I really like and then after a few months it is never to be seen again!

Here is a picture of it!


Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 very odd sounding

i hate when things here are limited editions, usually the best tasting of something but then they go and take it off the market :/

Midori Kaiide said...

OMG! I want this! I want to taste it that Lactos free? O_o!

Japan Australia said...

Looks raelly good and must give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Japan Australia

illahee said...

hi! my friend connie told me about your blog today, i also live in munakata! how funny! i will be reading your blog today. :D

Ichigostyle said...

Great blog :)


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