Friday, September 19, 2014

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Low Salicylate, Low Oxalate, Low Histamine Pancakes!

Ok...that title sure is a mouthful lol! But it is all true. The one thing I didn't say is how good they taste and I have to say...they are delicious!  This blog post could also have had the title "the magic of the chickpea" because that is what these wonderful things are made of ...chickpea flour (aka garbanzo bean flour, besan, gram flour)! Now...I know it might sound a little odd (for those of us not used to chickpeas) but they are so worth making!

Why did I add all that stuff about "free of this and low that" in the title? Well...I try to stay gluten free as much as possible (esp at home) and I've been experimenting with low oxalate, low histamine and low salicylate cooking because I've been having some physical issues and research led me to these 3. I know histamine is an issue and I really suspect that salicylates are as well. I'm less sure about oxalates but considering I had been eating/drinking high oxalate for some time, I thought it would be best to check those out as well. It hasn't been easy in terms of figuring out what I can eat but I'm determined to find out what is wrong with me! I have been doing a  ton of research and looking for recipes when I came across chickpea flour. I was thrilled when I realized that chickpea flour is low oxalate, low salicylate and low histamine!

If you are scratching your head about these 3 here are some resources to check out

Ok...on to the pancakes! Take a look at these!

This picture is from .

Don't they look great?! They are fabulous! And easy too! Here is the recipe . What I loved about them is after eating, my stomach still felt good and light...which is the opposite of how I usually feel after eating gluten free pancakes made from most mixes/recipes. I topped mine with a bit of butter (they can be dairy free if you don't cook with or add any butter) and pure maple syrup and omg! So good! 

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