Monday, December 17, 2007

Good News-I have an office!! you know from reading this blog that I have an etsy store. I have lots of stock. I live in Japan=no storage space. I have an office in my apartment but I realized that I'm running out of space. I am fabulous at organizing and I give/throw away things that I don't need or use but it doesn't matter any more...I have no space!! sure is funny. See, I moved into this building 5 years ago because of the "little house" you can see in the picture. Let me explain. I got this apartment because I knew the owner. When I came to see this place I saw the "little house" in the parking lot. She explained that they had it built as an office for her husband but that he didn't use it any more. So, I asked if I could pay extra and get it too. She said sure. Well...4 months later she asked for it back. I haven't had it for more than 4 years and really I didn't need it until recently. I knew it was sitting there empty but since she and I kind of had a falling out (long story) I wasn't going to ask her for it. But she sold the building and I just worked out a deal the new owners so....I now have a real office space! It has a toilet, a mini kitchen, air conditioner.....everything I need and it is only down stairs from my apartment. I truly believe that somethings are just meant to be......this "little house" is most rare and I moved into this place 5 years ago not knowing I would start a successful business and need more space. I love life!!


Chelsea said...

Congratulations!! It's a really cute little office...and it's so great that its literally next door to your house. Thanks so much for replying the other day...I definitely am going to get my degree first. I'm actually double majoring in music therapy and music education:) What type of job did you do when you originally went there? -- I hope you have an awesome Christmas...I'm sure you and your family miss each other a bunch but you can remember that they're chattering their teeth in ^coldness^ right now :) chelsea

sofia said...

Hey Chelsea!

I'm going to blog about "coldness" in a minute. I was and still am an English teacher which is a little embarrassing since I have lost so much English. I'm planning to build this business so I can leave it I want to in the future. I like it but I think I'm very lucky where I am...just my boss and I. My students are like family and my boss is my friend. It's full time pay but only 25 hours a week so I have time to do other things. Anyway, I'm going to go blog about something you might not know about.
. :)


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