Monday, December 24, 2007

Rambling thoughts about Christmas

It's Christmas eve. I just finished reading December's Oprah magazine (it was good ). I'm pondering life so bear with me.

It's Christmas eve....I love Christmas and before couldn't imagine my life without it. No...couldn't imagine a different way of doing Christmas than they way we celebrated it as I was growing up. In fact, I remember thinking that I couldn't marry a former boyfriend cause he didn't "get"my version of Christmas. You have to understand that the way we celebrated Christmas eve and Christmas looks like it came out of a movie-we did the "roasting chestnuts" thing ( that song is stuck in my head), sang around the piano on Christmas eve at my Aunt's house, went to grandma and grandpa's house on Christmas day etc. I loved the way we celebrated it. Now, I'm living in a country that doesn't "get it" and strangely, I'm ok with it.

Don't get me wrong....when I go back to Canada for Christmas I enjoy it....I mean who doesn't love presents?! And it is beautiful....the snow, the lights, the music, family time etc.

But I have to admit that, for me, there is a kind of freedom that comes with living in Japan and having a Japanese fiance who doesn't "get it". I have no stress. No trying to see everyone. Not too much food or drink. No cleaning up to do. No pressure to have the perfect Christmas. It's actually very peaceful. I have 2 weeks off and I have no where I have to be-I love this.

So....what are my plans for Christmas day? I think I'm going shopping...after all it's not a holiday here and my honey has to work. I will probably eat some great Chinese food and take a fabulous hot bath (and if you know how great Japanese bathtubs are then you know what I mean). I will chat with my family and open the presents my mom sent when my honey gets home from work.

Living here does make me appreciate Christmas in Canada (and all its hustle and bustle) and when I go back next year for Christmas I will enjoy every minute of it.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate!


tundrababe said...

Happy Holidays!

sofia said...

Hey tundrababe!! I see you found my blog! Happy New Year to you!!


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