Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool weather means chocolate!

Well it seems like it is just about cool enough to start selling chocolate and other food. We are thinking about selling the unique kit kat flavors, pocky (and similar items), green tea chocolate etc. I would love to hear from people-what would you like to see us selling?

Other things (besides chocolate) we are thinking of selling:

Green tea
Green tea latte mixes
Milk tea powder
Mentos (the have different flavors)
Happy Turn (the BEST rice snack/cracker....everything you put on them tastes better-I swear!)
Miso Soup mix packs

Would really love to hear your ideas!!


Suzanne said...

Would LOVE to see (& try!) some uniquely flavoured chocolate, pocky, gum, etc! Great idea!

sofia said...

Hi Suzanne-thanks! We will putting them up soon....just want to make sure the hot/humid weather is gone so probably in October.

terryann said...

I would like to be able to get that chocolate gum and BlackBlack.
and those rice crackers!

Katybeth said...

I always searching for more authentic green teas from Japan (I actually like oolong the best!) Also I have seen miso soup packs around but only in 1 or 2 varieties. I had the BEST miso soup everrr in Tokyo (i think it might have been red-bean flavored?) so I would def want to try Japanese miso soup packs.

Wyldhare said...

I think the Menthos would be cool, I have heard there are some really unusual flavors in Japan. And how about the dark chocolate Pocky..yum! My 12 year old daughter likes just about any Japanese snack, short of those little dried crabs and squid! LOL!

Kelly said...

Yes Please!!!! I would love some green tea. and some kit kat flavours

sofia said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the input! We think it is going to warm up again so we figure we will start selling things in mid october! Would hate for people to get a puddle of chocolate!

As for tea....there are sooo many grades and kinds. I personally love this matcha powder I use to make shakes or smoothies...I think it is a lower grade but when you are mixing it with soy milk or other things I think it is ok...thoughts?

As for other teas I will be putting up oolong and hojicha (roasted green tea-my fave) etc.

wyldhare-lol....we won't be selling those...not sure many people would be interested.

Marya Fernanda said...

I'd love to get Pocky (I'm crazy to try it, it doesn't sell here!)! I have been thinking about purchasing it online for a while, but I always feel a bit doubtful about ordering food from other countries.

But your store is so organized and you're so dedicated, the packages arrive super fast and you're constantly updating everything, I'd definitely feel comfortable about purchasing chocolates from you! ^^V

I'm only sad that, even though the climate is going to be cooler in Japan, here in Brazil (specially in the Amazon rain forest area where I live) it's hot and humid during the whole year!! So I'd be getting chocolate cream of Pocky!! =__=

me said...

i like ROYCE chocolates from japan :) maybe you could sell that too :)

sofia said...

Marya- THank you for the kind words! Mmmm....chocolate cream of pocky would still taste good! ^__^

ME- I LOVE Royce chocolates!! I love "nama choco" or "raw" chocolate...not sure what to call it in English but OMG it is good!! Thanks for the idea!

Just picked up some creme caramel kit kat chocolate today so will put those up soon!

hippyofdoom said...

Ok other than the unusual pocky / kit kat / pretz / toppo etc. that you have mentioned, I am mega addicted to Cratz! Especially Janes Crazy Mixed Up Salt flavour.

Also, Ceylon Poche and Coffee Rhumba are my absolute favourite Japanese snacks, but hardly anybody on the internet stocks them. I would love to try more chocolates by Tirol too :)

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I personally love green tea! Maybe you could sell the matcha powder and the candies that you eat with it! I also love the Gel Gems- I have a variety (different holidays) and now wish I bought more while I was in Japan!

I love reading your blog- I miss Japan!


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