Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long time no blog!

I can't believe it has been so long since I blogged!! I always intend to blog but then it's 2 am and I'm tired and figure the blog won't make much sense so I don't.

Let's see....what's new. Fall is, I think, finally here. It was soooooo humid last week-felt like July and then it rained and finally there is a freshness to the air that I have really really missed!!! My honey and I will start walking again after I come home for work...can't wait!!!

Gluten free has been great. My honey has also gone gluten free. He has always had huge digestive issues so I told him he should try going gluten free for a bit to see how he feels and he said he would try. In one day we could already see the running to the toilet, no (or much much less) burping etc. He is thrilled that he feels better but less than thrilled to realize how many things are off limits now. He still makes mistakes and buys things without reading them and sure enough....wheat or soy sauce is added. I have given away a lot of food recently to friends and students-they are all happy but Futoshi isn't.

Because of the gluten free thing we have ordered fabulous bread and other products from el peto.... they have the best breads for people who can't eat wheat or gluten. They are in Canada and they do ship to the states and other countries. They are shipping mine to the states and I have a company who ships it to me in Japan. We just got their chocolate chip muffins today and OMG!! Yummy! I have known about the store for about 20 years as my grandmother used to eat their products but part of the reason I didn't order from them before is in freezer space! that we have the 2nd apartment/office we just bought a chest freezer so we can buy lots of bread and freeze it! I am beyond thrilled to have a chest freezer. I don't know anyone in Japan who has them as most homes (never mind apartments) just don't have space for one (there are no basements in Japan....that is where my family always kept ours). It is soooo beautiful! I can't wait to start filling it with things!!!

I'm planning a trip to Tokyo for next month.....lots of shopping for my business!! Can't wait to see what I find.

We will be officially opening a request shopping business. We do it now anyway but we will probably add a section to our yahoo store about the business and how it works etc. We get a lot of requests to buy things that we don't sell so we decided this would just make sense.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something...


Katybeth said...

Requests! I'm so excited! I should start making a list now.. :D

I hope you can go by Kiddy Land in Shinjuku to find stuff for your store in Tokyo. That place has your name written all over it!

MaliciousGnome said...

Oooo requests sound awesome! :D

Good luck on your shopping trip!

Jacy said...

the 105 yen store in harajuku has the cutest ink stamp thingies. I was recently there and wish I had bought more.

Anonymous said...

I've just moved to Japan. I live on a gluten free and dairy free diet but have been struggling a little when i got here. Was great to read about your blogs. i'm going to look up do you have any more suggestions for web sights that deliver to japan or any good shops in tokyo that sell gluten free products. I'm really hanging out for some good granola or cereal. Thanks Cath

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi Cath....ok... check out they are a company in Japan that offers everything including gluten free products...but most take a month to ship here from the states. in their search under the "general store" just look under "gluten free" and you can find tinkyada pasta (my favorite) and gluten free cookies, mixes, cereals etc. In their "deli" they have pappadums and a few other things but most things will take a month to get.
Also check out
They are in Japan and this is where I get my soy sauce...look for "tamari" wheat free soy sauce. You do know that ALL soy sauce in Japan has wheat in it, right? and most sauces in general have soy sauce in it...including some italian dressings. Have a Japanese friend write down the kanji for wheat and "shoyu" or sauce sauce in both kanji and hiragana and read all the labels because it is everywhere! I carry my own bottle of sauce with me for when I eat sushi and I use it at yakiniku restaurants ( with garlic paste and togarashi-red pepper flakes- to make my own sauce. Most restaurants are nice enough to give me the garlic and pepper). Oh and most yakiniku restaurants pour a little sauce on the yakiniku meat before bringing it to the table so you have to tell them not to. If they ask you why...just tell them you get asthma if you eat it (asthma=zensoku in Japanese). As for el peto...they will deliver to japan but it is expensive...the best way is to have them deliver it to FBC in California and they will deliver to you. If you go to it will tell you that you can have things delivered to them for you and they will deliver them to you. I have many things shipped this way as many places still don't deliver to Japan. Their shipping prices are pretty good too...though I have been here a really long time so I'm used to expensive shipping costs!

IN the supermarkets here you can find "harusame" or bean thread noodles and "bifun" noodles made from rice. I don't know Tokyo but where I live...there is NOTHING for me. I basically only eat sushi and yakiniku when I go out or some place that has meat (without a sauce). I'm sure in Tokyo you must have more options. If you have more questions,please ask!


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