Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bentos And Blogs

As you probably know I have 2 stores and one of them sells bentos. I recently started advertising on a bento blog called "Adventures in Bentomaking". She is also doing a series of reviews of some of my products. I love this because people can see the products "in action" so to speak. To read the review of the "food toppers" I sell, please click on the picture.

If you like "bentoing" or just like looking at fabulous pictures of great (and cute!) food you will love her blog!!


coffeegirl said...

Hi Sofia - It's Julie from Washington State. I read the same blog! I'm starting to get into bento myself - at least, I'm getting better about bringing my lunch to work. :)
Check out this other blog: lunchbucketbento.blogspot.com

Grace said...

Hi - I just punched in bento box and came across your blog!! Beautiful bento!!

Tokyo cheap flight said...

Awesome bento! I like your blog you write it very carefully and artistically. And I like the name from Japan with Love it brings so much of emotions.

KoiStar said...

I love bento boxes, they bring a smile to your face :)

Eveline said...

You might want to check out this site, too:



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