Friday, July 17, 2009

Double Rainbows, Eels And Amazing Coffee!

It has been while since I posted because lots has been going on. I've been getting ready for our trip to Canada which is in less than 3 weeks now! Anyway, I thought I would share these with you.

The other day it was really raining hard and then it stopped for a bit and got strangely bright out one window so I looked and saw this rainbow. I did a double take because I realized there were 2. They started out a bit light but then in a matter of minutes they were so colorful and bright. I had never seen anything like it! Even my boss wanted to take a picture so we opened up a window in another room to get a better shot. It was such a big thing that the next day I had students talking about it! (can you tell I live in a small town?!)

Unagi!! It is summer and therefore time for eels!!! This of course means that the supermarket must have some decorations. In the 2nd picture you can see the plastic eel hanging from the ceiling. Even my hubby got a bit excited about this and took his time picking out his dinner and there were numerous bento combinations involving eel.
Speaking of the supermarket, I went to "Youme town" (no it is not pronounced "you" "me" but rather "you" "may" town which means "dream town"). They have taken the disinfecting thing to a new level. Not only can you disinfect your hands when you enter the mall, but in the same place where you get your cart for the supermarket they now have disinfectant towelettes and they had the ever important picture showing how to use one! Oh and yes, that is a TV next to the towelettes...they have them in the supermarkets here (do they do that back in Canada or the States?) blaring music and infomercials about different things. Every time I go to this supermarket, I end up leaving there with the "I like meat" song stuck in my head!!

Amazing Coffee!!!

At the supermarket the other day I was looking for some coffee...something different and flavored (hard to come by here) but then I saw this one that said "caramel salt and butter" and I, sounds interesting. So I bought one and tried it. OH. MY. GOD!!!!! If heaven could be liquified and put in a cup this is what it tastes like. It is creamy, sweet but ever so slightly salty and buttery caramel and ....I gotta stop because now I want one and the supermarket is closed.


Pili said...

Wow, caramel salt and butter?? Now that's something I'd love to try too!

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Well, I don't think I've noticed any tv's at any of the supermarkets in Halifax, NS but I do know some of them have had the disinfecting wipes for the carts and baskets for quite awhile now.

That coffee sounds interesting...I'd love to try it some day. Not so sure I feel the same about the eels though.

Grace said...

I saw a double rainbow once here - amazing or what??

A lot of stores, restaurants, public place etc... have hand sanitizers/wipes and stuff before you enter here in Vancouver now too. So nice to see that - I wish they had those handy in our boys elementary school... they definitely need it there!

I have yet to try eel, I guess I'm afraid... although I know LOTS of people who LOVE it!!

Oooohh... you got me curious now about that coffee .. smacking my lips now LoL!!!

David said...

I think TVs ads and songs in supermarkets is a Japanese specialty.
It both amused me and kinda drove me nuts (because of the constant noise) too when I visited last Spring.

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm in some stores you have tvs playing commercials for gadgets on them but its not that common. I wish there were wipes for the carts and baskets here, I usually have some in my bag but would be nice if they were supplied as they are never cleaned and its never fun grabbing a sticky cart handle :/

hmm never had eel, not sure if I could eat if I was told what it was first lol

chinamommy said...

There is a store in Michigan that has tv in the check out lanes! We also have the wipes for carts- thank goodness :)
Last winter at Starbucks there was a salted hot chocolate- yum!
Love your blog!!

FromJapanWithLove said...

Thanks for all the comments! Seriously...the coffee is amazing...going to get some tomorrow!

Eels are actually pretty good!

David....yeah...drives me nuts too!! I hate singing the "I like meat" song in my head but what is worse are all the electronic do people work there and not go postal hearing that music all the time?!

Chinamommy...that hot chocolate sounds great!


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