Sunday, July 26, 2009

The water is on!

So an update to what has been going on.

My in laws went out at 10 pm Saturday to buy us water. They had to go to a few stores because lots of places were sold out. Finally they brought us 12 2liter bottles. They offered their place for me to take a bath etc but at that time we declined. So...I heated water on the stove and put the water in a big bucket and hubby had a "bath" or at least washed himself by scooping water over himself. Then I did the same and by the time we did that and washed dishes (it is hot and humid so leaving dirty dishes was not an option) and flushed the toilet once, we were close to being out.

Hubby decided he couldn't wait until 10 am (when his father was going to pick him up to take him to get water from the army)because he really wanted to have water to flush the toilet so at 2am hubby decides to go out and buy water. We have a 7-11 about 2 minutes from our house but they were sold out. So, he walked to the next convenience store...they were sold out. So...he went to the next one ultimately walking about 20 minutes. At 2 am. Without phoning me to tell me what he was doing. I was getting nervous. About 45 minutes later I hear this banging on the door and there is my hubby cradling (like a baby) a bag filled with 6 2 liter bottles of water. It weighed a ton! And apparently he originally had 2 bags with 3 bottles in each but the bags burst open as he was walking home (Seriously....imagine at 2:30 am seeing some guy with many bottles of water breaking free from the bags on the road!) so he asked the 7-11 guys for a bag even though he bought them from a different store.

Anyway, we woke up and finally there was water. It was really brown at first but eventually the city cleaned the pipes and all is now ok.

But just now we were watching the news and the pictures are just awful. So many people lost their homes and many lost their lives in the surrounding areas. In the 11 years I have lived here, I have never seen this and it is still raining on and off.Hopefully it will end soon.


Violet LeBeaux said...

That's so horrible I hope it clears up soon for you! Our water got turned off a couple of weeks ago and it was a day until it came back all brown and disgusting. Ick! I'm glad your house is ok!

Nightfall said...

wow, it sounds like the rain is really bad there!
I have vivid memories of losing our water when I was a kid - we had well water, so every time the power went out, we lost water too. We had a couple of hurricanes where this lasted a while... Still, sounds like things were much worse for you!

EJPcreations said...

I am so sorry!!! What an awaful couple of days!!!!

Craig said...

Good to hear you got sorted out eventually. I like a bit of a rainstorm but not that heavy! Sounds awful.

photojoy said...

Hello. "Hajimemashite." I've just run into your wonderful blog and love the way you explain the Japanese culture. In fact that is what I try to do in my blog as well but it's quite a job when it comes to explaining in English.

Besides, I've learned you live in Fukuoka where the heavey rainfall brought about a huge damge for these days. I just can't imagine how distracting the situation is. Here in my area, it's been raining occasionally but almost all day. I just do hope nothing more serious happens to anyone.
Do take care and let me stop by again. I really like your blog.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

omg! wow that sounds! what a time of it!

Ann said...

I've been watching the news here in the US and I still can't imagine that the rain is just destroying some of houses. My grandmother use to live in Japan (we're Taiwanese), so we installed a Japan channel for her in our cable provider.

Megkip ♪ said...

Wow that's horrible! At least you're
okay. I just found you blog and I
just want to let you know that I love it! Stay safe! c:

Cindy Khor said...

finally you'd water supply back, i think its really dreadful to have no-water-days. hopefully people at japan could recover from the disaster and live their usual life.

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi and thanks everyone! We were really lucky here. There was so much damage in many other parts...there was even a tornado on Honshu...we saw the pics on the TV and it was awful so no water for 1 day was nothing in the big scheme of things!


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