Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need a chuckle?

This was so funny I just had to share!

The other day we did the laundry and it was a nice day so we decided to hang it out to dry. Because it is still really warm/humid in the day time and we get the afternoon sun, we have had our typhoon shutters (the metal type that roll up and down) closed to keep me from baking while on the computer. So, in order to hang up the laundry, we have to roll it up... only that day, honey didn't roll it up all the way (don't ask me why) and he had to kind of crawl under it. After he was outside I rolled it up all the way and I could see him swatting frantically at his face. He said to me "there was a small alligator on my face!!". Of course I had no idea what he was talking about. He sees my confusion and realizes that "alligator" is the wrong word so instead he says quickly "there was a wizard on my face.....a WIZARD!!". Now at this point I'm bent right over I'm laughing so hard....seeing him swatting his face yelling that a wizard is on his face! Seeing me laugh he knew he has made a mistake and finally I told him "lizard"...or rather it was probably a gecko. So now every time I see one I say to my honey..."look at the wizard!".

Oh and here are some pics of a very interesting thing I saw the other night. The pics aren't great as I was trying not to be too obvious and it was at night but it was the first time I saw a mini van that had video screens on the back of each head rest!! Can you see them? It sure would stop kids from asking "are we there yet?!"


Grace said...

We have a built in DVD player/video game attachment in our van too and yes, it keeps our kids quiet during long trips!!! We opt the individual head rest ones because that's just way too much LoL!! They can both agree on one movie and/or one video game to play!!

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi Grace!I know that many people have the dvd players and a screen in their cars but it was my first time to see so many screens in one car!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol thats cute and funny :)

wish we would have had screens in our cars when we were going up north, would have made the hours fly by


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