Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And you thought Kobe Beef Was Special...

I'm sure many of you know about Kobe the cows are beer fed and massaged. Well, now in Hokkaido there is an onsen (hotspring) that is trying to lure guests by offering special pork dishes. This onsen is a "beauty" onsen in that the water is reported to be good for your skin and health. So, the pigs are made to drink 5 liters of this onsen water per day. The onsen claims that the pork from these pigs is healthier, more delicious, less fatty and has a better texture than other pork.

Here are the pigs drinking the onsen water

This is the pork from this onsen

It does look good....but is it really different? My hubby suggested we go and try it and then I can write about it but since we would have to fly is pretty much out of the question. So...if anybody ever gives it a try..let us know!


Joshua Zimmerman said...

Oooooo I do love pork! The Japanese never seem to know how to cook it right (thank goodness for Chinese places in Japan), but that looks wonderful!

Grace said...

I like pork, depending on the way it is cooked... hmmm... I've had kobe beef, but curious to know about the onsen fed piggies =)


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