Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cute Food!

Japan is not only in love with everything cute but it also loves to combine that with limited edition things. Tonight I found these in the Lawsons (like a 7-11 convenience store) near my work. I bought them and was going to take pictures but my honey really wanted to eat them so I told him the only way that was going to happen was if he could find the pictures on line for my blog...so he did. He then promptly ate them and told me to write in my blog that they are really really good!
These little guys are mochi (chewy rice cakes) covered in chocolate

Or covered in caramel pudding

or covered in matcha (green tea)

And apparently they won't be around for long!

In other news.....

It suddenly got cold. Last week during the afternoon we actually used the air conditioner because it was humid and then combined with the afternoon sun the living room was a terrible place to be. Now, I just put the heating pad on the bed and am washing my winter blankets etc to put them on as soon as possible! BUT the beautiful thing about the cold is bath time!! I know I blogged about it last year but honestly, the bathroom becomes similar to an outside onsen (hot spring)....I open the window which is at the foot of my bathtub and cold air comes in (and I love it when it is windy!)....hot water up to my neck, no lights ....pure heaven!!!


Ms. Dirty Cupcake said...

mmm, that mochi looks so good! i bought some mochi ice cream the other day. it is pretty good. but it is korean here.
i wish it was colder here in florida :/ enjoy the weather!

Valerie said...

Those sound tasty! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm not sure if I would try those, even though the caramel pudding ones sounds good. the bath sounds just as good as it did last year :)

♥yeeling♥ said...

passing by~~^^

I love anything of Japan..
except their cuisine...

haha !

Grace said...

Oh yum!!! I love Japanese treats!!

Whenever my brother goes back, I always ask him to bring me some Japanese food i.e. pickled stuff & treats!!

I tried the mochi ice cream here too, but find that the mochi is too sticky... so basically you have to put the whole thing in your mouth at once (they are bite size)

FromJapanWithLove said...

I think mochi is fabulous but it seems that the texture is an acquired "taste" if you will.

Yeah, mochi is sticky which is why lots of old people die every year eating it and I believe many mochi packages now come with visual warning signs of people choking!! Still....it is yummy!

WaWa said...

Hi, new reader here! I miss chocolate mochi so much. T__T

Oh, and apparently you live in Fukuoka? I went to KyuDai for a summer course 2 years back, hence missing Fukuoka too. Hopefully will be able to return for a visit soon though. ^^

Oh, and awesome blog! *two thumbs up*


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