Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Planning on taking the train or subway in Japan? Here are the rules!

I saw these and just knew there was a blog post here!, you want to take the train or subway and aren't quite sure what you can't do worries! You might be able to find pictures like the ones I found in the train station and subway station. Now...some of have to kind of wonder why you have to tell people not to do them as it seems obvious but really....I have seen all these and more on the train!
Let's start with the first picture

In many of the drawings in the picture above the idea is basically to be quiet, don't take up too much space and give up your seat for the elderly but...see the superman like drawing in the bottom right corner? Can you guess what that means? No? It basically means "don't fly on to the train". So...the train is at the station but ready to leave and you are running down the stairs and are desperate to make it on to the train so you "fly" on to the train and probably knock over a bunch of people. Don't do that! But note that it happens ALL the time (so try not to stand right in front of the doors on the train) which is probably why they had to add that drawing!
Next picture:

In this picture again it is about giving your seat to the elderly and don't take up too much space, don't litter etc. But...from the top left hand side...2nd picture in....there is a girl in a blue and white dress. Can you guess what that one means? It means you should let the people off the train first and then you can get on.
The last picture:

This picture is pretty easy to understand....don't use cell phones, don't be noisy, don't listen to loud music, don't "fly" on to the train etc. But the don't this is a sign for the subway I am assuming it is only for the subway as people eat on the train all the time but I'm also going to guess that people probably eat on the subway as well. might be wondering why there is a a big "X" across a lipstick and compact. Perhaps you are thinking...really, no powdering your nose or touching up your lipstick? That isn't what it is about....I have done both. The reality in Japan is that many teens and young women put on ALL their makeup on the train. I mean, they pull out monster sized makeup bags, HUGE mirrors and start with foundation and go from there-they will even spray on their perfume! It really is unbelievable and I really don't get it. happens all the time. you know what not to do.....though you will see it happen all the time.


Tabitha said...

I like that a few of the people in the pictures look like ninjas. :)

Sensible Obsessions said...

Lol I love Japan's picture rules they are always so entertaining to look at - I really love those ones with that creeper lady always staring hard and standing behind the person who is doing what you shouldn't be doing.

Pretty Girl Studios said...

I just love your rings, so unique:)

Nina said...


Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Japan...a land of signs..everywhere! least I have a heads up on riding the subway! Funny!

Jennifer Rose said...

those are neat to see :) some don't make a lot of sense tho lol

catwrangler said...

Going from Tokyo to Kyoto, there was a teen who was putting mascara on for at least an hour. She would wait and then put more on. It was amazing!


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