Friday, August 6, 2010

Soy Sauce On Ice Cream? read that right! A very old and famous soy sauce and miso company invented a soy sauce based ice cream sauce! It is meant to be used only on vanilla flavored ice cream and a few other desserts. Apparently, it tastes like caramel!

Here is the man who invented it. He looks pretty happy eating it!

Here he is pouring it on Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Here he is eating it on "kinako mochi" (rice cakes with powered soy beans).

I think I will pass on this. Would you try it?


oompa lampa said...

is this new? i was at a japanese restaurant in narita airport in May, and when i ordered ice cream, i was given 2 bottles of sauce that looked like soy sauce! i thought it was really odd that they expected me to put it on my ice cream..but i tried it anyway, and it was delicious!

Jennifer Rose said...

hmmm i don't think I would try that. would probably have a hard time not thinking that it tastes like soy sauce instead of the caramel.

chinamommy said...

My daughter (adopted from China) LOVES soy sauce, she would def. give it a try!! I would probably try it at least once, I know I love red bean ice cream and that sounded really gross!

Aries said...

I don't mind trying. Hmm wonder how it would taste like, could not have taste exactly like caramel, maybe a bit salty. Interesting, wonder when it would be introduce in Malaysia

Japanese Ice Cream said...

I posted about a soy sauce ice cream topping back in 2007. It seems that there is now another brand to buy. Some soy sauce is very sweet and goes well with desserts styles. And remember there are sea salt ice cream flavours as well, a little salt flavour is good on ice cream.
I also have a green tea and soy sauce ice cream recipe that is pretty good too.

FromJapanWithLove said...

I am not sure how new it is and we haven't found it at the supermarket (ok...we haven't looked that hard).

Japanese Ice Cream-Ihave to admit there are some rather unusual combinations here that turn out not to be too bad so I guess I won't know about this until I try it!


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