Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How cute is this?

This summer has, so far, been very very hot and humid. All my students know how much I hate this weather (and hate really isn't quite strong enough...loathe, detest...). They often ask me how I'm doing and if I'm surviving etc. Well...today was very very humid and hot and it rained cats and dogs....I got wet and I walked around my class without sandals as they were soaked right through and I must have looked hot and miserable (yes, I have air conditioning in my classroom but there isn't any in the kitchen or bathroom etc). Anyway, my little student pulled something out of her bag and gave it to me. She had made me this postcard-it was so cute it cheered me up right away! She drew the sunflower and the "kakigori" (snow cone) and the rest are stickers. She is 8 and very sweet and ...what can I say? I had a smile on my face all day!


Grace said...

Awww - that is sweet!

Anonymous said...

That's really sweet!

I'm guessing I would melt during Japanese summer! D:

Sensible Obsessions said...

Aww, that's adorable!

I hate summer...I also hate winter...XD I'm a Spring lady where it's not to cold and not too hot.

Aries said...

Yeah, really sweet of her. Lovely card.

chinamommy said...

Aww, what a sweet girl! I'm sorry the heat is killing you, too much of anything isn't good!! I'm not a fan of winter and get WAY too much of that here in Michigan!!

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi everyone! Yeah..she is a cutie! And yeah....you would melt here. I am having to sometimes force myself to eat as I have basically lost my appetite due to the heat and humidity! Drinking a ton of water and green tea to keep myself hydrated! I'm counting down ....about 8 weeks to go until the weather starts to get better for me!


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