Sunday, October 17, 2010

Japan has some tiny restaurants!!

I watched a great show tonight on TV-the top 20 tiny restaurants in Japan. Oh. My. God. Tiny is right. Most of the restaurants we saw on the show are so small that we couldn't even imagine trying to go there as being crammed into a restaurant isn't our idea of a good time and we are pretty sure that because my hubby is a giant here (6ft 5) he probably wouldn't even be able to sit down. In many of the restaurants the customers backs were against the wall so if one person wanted to leave, everyone had to stand up and move to let them get by. But it was amazing to see how the owners/chefs worked in such a small space!!!

I had recorded the show on my cell phone (as we were watching it on our TV) as I was hoping to be able to upload some of it here but sadly, we can't do that so instead we found a great example on youtube.

Are there such small restaurants where you live?


Calia Yang said...

OMG!!! they're so small!!!!!

Aries said...

Oh my, you will never find such restaurant in Malaysia. No one would eat in a place like this. But we have a lot of road side hawkers that operates with only few tables but ample of space to move around.

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

nope-none that small here. I think Kuri-ya is the smallest-seating about 25 people comfortably-and it's a Japanese restaurant!

FromJapanWithLove said...

thanks for the comments! I was pretty sure these tiny restaurants wouldn't be so common in other countries. I really wish I could have uploaded the video I had recorded cause there were smaller ones!!

ben said...

I like the tiny restaurants sometimes especially if the cook is freindly. There is a tiny asian fusion restaurant near my house which has five or six seats. Im usually the only person in there but the cook is really nice and talks to you about lots of random things, if you want. great food too.


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