Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UGH!! What a vacation!!

I'm on vacation-my school always has a vacation this time of year so that my boss and some older students can travel. They are now in Italy. I chose not to go as I'm not a "6 cities in 7 days" kind of gal! I was really looking forward to relaxing, hanging out with my friend in the big city and working on my business (which I love so I don't really think of it as work most of the time).

So...Friday night came. I left work and went home to eat a delicious meal with my hubby but half way through, my throat started to hurt. It was literally like someone flipped a switch because I didn't have that "hmmm...think I'm getting a cold" feeling...just suddenly I had a sore throat. So...Saturday and Sunday I was feeling pretty crappy...runny nose, sore throat and I had a hard time sleeping. Monday I started to feel a bit better and I figured I could meet my friend as planned on Wednesday.

I was right. I went to Hakata (the big city about 40 minutes from where I live) and met my friend. We went to Starbucks (twice-it's a treat since there isn't one in my area) and lunch and did a bit of shopping. I had a great time (thanks Phee). So we parted around 5:30 and I went to the station, bought my ticket and then realized there was a huge group of people standing around. I also realized that my route wasn't on the announcement board giving the time and platform to catch my train. It was blank. This was not good. I asked the train station guy but he couldn't tell me much at that time just that I couldn't take the train and he didn't know when I could. Ok...problem. I called my husband who was at home and asked him to find out what was going. Turns out that a bridge near my area had a crack and they didn't expect to even begin train service again for 3 hours. Now at this time my hubby and I discussed me trying to take the bus but this would have been very difficult as I have never taken a bus from the city to my area. I can't read Japanese and was a bit worried about getting lost. hubby called his family and it turned out that his brother was in the city as he works there and there was a chance that we could meet and figure out what to do together. So...I found him in the crowd and he suggested we try to take the bus. Fine but it was a good thing that I hadn't attempted this on my own as it turns out that the big bus center that is next to the station was not the one we needed. We took the subway into Tenjin (another part of the city) to leave from the Tenjin Bus center but once we got there we realized that we weren't the only ones with that idea in mind. The line was very very long. It moved very slowly and we realized that it would have been hours before we reached home. So....we decided to take a taxi. It cost us about $80 so about $40 each. We had the taxi driver drop us off at my in-laws house (where my brother-in-law still lives) and he then drove me home. Needless to say I was tired but very grateful that my brother-in-law had been there. When I got home the TV announced that the trains probably wouldn't start again until about 11pm so I would have been stuck in the city for about 5 or more hours.

And to top off all that has already happened we found out on the news that a typhoon is headed this way....should arrive by Friday. Perfect.

What a vacation!! Sure hope my boss is having a better time in Italy!!


Stéphanie said...

Awww i feel for you :( I've been sick too, for the past few days, and i see my week-end coming up and it doesn't look better lol...

Colds always show up at the worst possible time, and generally without warning !

I hope the rest of your vacation will be better, or at least the best it could be knowing a typhoon is coming !

fif said...

seien Sie geduldig,bru

chinamommy said...

i had the EXACT same thing happen to me (the sickness, not the train!) and a week later I am STILL sick!! Now the coughing has begun.... ugh!
WOW, what a crazy travel story, glad you made it home!!

Aries said...

Oh my, sounds like a terrible holiday but quite an adventure I would say. Hope you are feeling much better now. Happy Halloween to you and hope you have a great week ahead.

catwrangler said...

That really really sucks. Glad that it worked out in the end. I mean it kinda has to work out one way or another. Hope you are safe from the typhoon.

Aries said...

Hi, I would like to forward an award to you. I enjoy reading your post. Come over to my site and claim the award. Have a nice day to you.

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments. I'm better now and the typhoon took a turn and headed to Tokyo so we got lucky there! Now I'm looking forward to my next holiday (starts in about 6 weeks)....there won't be typhoon threats then!

Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

Having worked so hard whole year, i will be on vacation this December and i am on my way to Japan. I will be landing in Tokyo and than move on to other cities. Thanks for your blog which sure would help me find nice place to eat and fun.

Keep up the good work.


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