Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy Japanese New Year's TV Shows!!

I almost put the title of this post as "Rambo and Rocky= New Year's In Japan" or "I couldn't make this stuff up" because is beyond weird.

In Japan December 31st until January 3rd are ...basically holidays. That means all kinds of weird TV shows. First, the movies Rocky and Rambo are shown on  many channels and for many days.  All of them. In a row. So, if you don't like either movie series you better change the channels. Then there is the bizarre "24" TV challenge (yep...Jack Bower). Fox TV here in Japan, will be showing all 7 seasons of "24" in a row so for 1 week...that channel is all about Jack!

Now...for Japanese TV shows. Here is an example of how crazy Japanese TV shows are. I'm not making this up. I just watched this.

Imagine a cold winter day ( snow but still cold) in a big high school field. Imagine there are many men all in black suits and black trench coats standing in front of a big stage. On the stage imagine a chubby man dressed in a woman's military uniform (with wig, red lipstick, blush. pantyhose, heels etc). Then next to him on the stage is some white foreigner (we think he is from Holland) dressed in a military uniform with a huge crazy mustache. Now...the foreign guy is yelling in the microphone (in some language)  at the men in black. He is freaking out and the guys in black are trying not to laugh. But of course they do because it is stupid. Suddenly the foreign guy says in English "out" and points at the man who is laughing. Then out of nowhere, a guy comes running out on to the field with a big black tube in his hand and hits the guy who was laughing on the butt.  This keeps up for like 5 minutes- the crazy foreign guy yelling and pointing at the laughing men and then the laughing men getting their butts hit with some kind of rubber tube. The point? Try not to laugh while the crazy guy yells.   Sadly, my husband is laughing his head off. I truly do not get Japanese TV...especially the New Year's TV shows. Wish me luck as I have another 3.5 days of this!! At least for some of the time we will be watching K-1 which is a combined fight of karate, kick boxing among other things. I actually like this. You can find out more about K-1, if you want ... here.

Happy New Year everyone!


sixmats said...

I'm watching that show now too. It's one of my favorites.

FromJapanWithLove said...

My husband certainly loves it too! Did you see that guy getting hit on the head with the big piece of kombu (seaweed)?

Fernando said...

Well I find that show great! I loved it when they were all in school...with school uniforms and all, and made them watch a "learn english" video where the dude in the video didn´t know squat and said stuff like (while numbers where shown) he would count the first 10 digits with no difference from any other, but after ten they would show him 20, he would stop and think, scratch his head and answer "ten ten"...and then they show him 100 and the starts shouting "ten ten ten..." while counting with his fingers ten that was VERY funny

alvinthegreat said...

gakki no tsukai!!!!! hahahaha! watched one of those shows with a couple of my friends....


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