Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Unbelievable Japanese TV!

I just had to blog about this....and this must fall under "only in Japan"!

It is midnight here and we were just  flipping through Japanese TV channels and I stopped at one and watched as a girl walked up to men on the street and asked them a question. I didn't understand what she was asking but I continued to watch and the girl took a guy to a kind of van, knelt down, undid his pants and looked inside!! Apparently she (a porn star btw!) was asking men if there are circumcised? If a man said yes, she then asked if she could check. If he agreed, they went to this van (turns out to be a porn set) and she checked!   Seriously??!! Who thinks up these kinds of shows?

I'm right....right? This has to be an "only in Japan" thing, right?!


Japan-Australia said...

They would have to have some of the craziest shows on the planet in Japan and sometimes you can't stop watching them as they are so strange.

thesoulofjapan said...

Strange...more like stupid. And they have the audacity to ask us for money.

deeh said...

my goodness! and I thought Japanese are more conservative than us (I'm a Filipina). That would be under "Only in Japan".


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