Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm in love with a Kombu snack!

Recently, I've been looking to get my iodine, iron,  vitamins and minerals from natural sources. So I looked into seaweed knowing it is high in iodine. You might think that because I'm in Japan I eat a lot of it....I don't. I hardly eat  it because I'm not crazy about the way most of it is prepared. Yes, I sometimes make dashi (soup base) with dried kombu but really....not that often. And yes, I eat maki sushi, but again, not that often.

About 2 weeks ago when we were at the supermarket we found a kombu (seaweed) and sesame seed snack. I bought it and loved it!  It is crunchy, slightly sweet and salty....absolutely delicious!  But, it was a very small pack and we wanted to find more so we looked on line.  The first thing we noticed is that much of it is made with sugar substitutes which I avoid for many reasons. We finally found one that is made without the fake stuff so we ordered it from a small company in Hokkaido.   It arrived and wow!  It is so delicious!!   Now the challenge will be to eat just a small amount a day cause this stuff is so delicious that it would be easy to just snack on it like popcorn!


Grace said...

Oh yum! That looks good - I miss all those Japanese snacks. Yes, they sell them here, but those more authentic types aren't =(

Japan Australia said...

Love all the different types of snacks they have in Japan. This looks good :)

Japan Australia

WorldofJapan said...

I think I will go back to Japan this year or the next one. I will give this Japanese snack a try.

I don't know if I like the way it looks but I am curious!

bahau2009 said...

looks delicious.. may be i will taste it someday.

Lisa said...

Wow, looks really yummy! Could you tell me the name of the snack (or of the company)? I want to try and find it! ^^ Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info. This is exactly what I am looking for. I, too, am looking for a natural iodine source (not to mention that seaweed is good for so many other things). I'll see if they sell it here (Los Angeles). I might check in Little Tokyo.



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