Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's 11:30 pm so of course I'm outside with my hair dryer!

I can't believe it is already February!!  Speaking of is cold here. Really cold here. It's -2 degrees Celsius which might not sound cold for those of you from Canada and other cold places but whatever the temperature is outside is the temperature inside!!!  Which means when I go to take a bath....I'm naked in -2 degrees and when I go to bedroom is -2 degrees. There is no central heat in my part of Japan even though it is cold enough to snow.

Which brings me to the title of this blog post.  At about 11pm I decided to wash the dishes and so I turned on the hot water ....only there wasn't any. I turned on the cold water-no problem. I checked to see if the gas was working and again, no problem. So I knew the hot water pipe was frozen.  So I got out my trusty blow dryer, plugged it into the convenient outside plug and started to try to heat up the pipe. My neighbour apparently didn't have this problem as he was taking a hot shower. But I'm sure he wondered what the noise was because he peeked outside to see what was going on. I hope he has a hair dryer cause chances are if he doesn't leave the his hot water tap slightly running tonight, it will be frozen tomorrow.

The one good thing about the bathroom being this makes sinking into the big Japanese tub filled with hot water an absolute delight!!


Brandon McLeod said...

Get an electric blanket and a kotatsu pronto! That's what got me through the winter without using my wall unit heater. :D

FromJapanWithLove said...

Hey Brandon! I HATE kotatsu and refuse to have one in my house. My husband agrees thankfully. He says it makes him lazy but for me I could never get into the "my ass is hot but my nose is frozen" thing. We have a kind of electric blanket on our bed and to be honest I prefer the winters to the summers but -2 is a bit cold even for me. And I hate worrying about our water pipes!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

insulate the pipes?

Japan Australia said...

How about those electric carpets. They are great and you can just have a small one in the living room to keep you warm and toasty :)

Japan Australia

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