Monday, March 10, 2008

I reached my first goal-5000 sales!

Well, it happened...and early too! I hit 5000 sales yesterday (in about 7 months)! I was hoping for it to happen in May but it happened yesterday! I was watching it like a hawk...4994....4996...4998 and then it happened!

I want to thank every one of my customers for making this possible!!

I LOVE etsy!!!

Now...on to my next goal!


Andreanna said...


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

congratulations! :D

you love etsy, and etsy loves you! i love your shop, and will do my best to help you to your next 5000 sales :p.


sofia said...

Hi Andreanna-Thanks!

Melissa...I have a big smile on my face now! Thanks so much!

Colleen said...

Congrats on your success! The joys of the internet!!

Drachenfrau said...

Congratulations! Will help too. *g*

sofia said...

Thanks Colleen!! I never thought I would have a business but the internet makes anything possible! have helped!! Thanks! I won't say no to you if you come by again! ^__^

Sils Frebrian said...

congratulations! you know that you are one of lucky person @ etsy! I just started my etsy myself and there's no way for me to reach 5000 in 7 months!
how do you manage the shipping and wrapping? I saw your shop and no doubt, your items are so adorable. I grew up with sanrio stuff and now my daughter loves keroppi (which is no longer found in here).
I may be buy stuff from you soon. have a good monday!

sofia said...

Hi Sils Frebrian,

Sorry for the late response! Thanks for the congrats! I have an assistant that I hired who is basically in charge of shipping among other things. My husband takes the pictures, lists items and goes shopping with me. I list items, do the emails, organize, take pictures (sometimes) etc. There is NO way I could do it all myself now. I started to pull my hair out in December which is why I hired an assistant! ^__^

Vivi said...

I LOVE your etsy shop. I'm glad I found it and your blog. You're such an etsy gem!


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