Sunday, March 16, 2008

Japanese TV

If you have ever seen Japanese TV this, sadly, will not be shocking to you but if you have never seen Japanese TV I have one word to sum up a lot of the shows....weird!!

I just watched a show where the objective was to try to understand what us foreigners are saying when we say a Japanese word like "honda" or "hitachi" etc. So...imagine...the host is a cute young woman wearing big fuzzy rabbit ears (please don't ask why...after 10 years I still can't answer that one)....she also has some kind of toy gun that she uses to point and "shoot" at the person she wants to speak. So....the first part of the show, some voice says a word like "honda", "hitachi" etc the way an American would say it and they have to guess at what the word is. When everyone has finished writing the host yells "answer open" and all their answers show one got it right. The second part of the show.....they are shown a sentence that they have to say in English....ex...."Coffee please." or "Let's eat strawberry cake." Some of the guys look at the camera like they are Marlon Brando (actually one guy called the other " Robert De Niro") in a movie and ready for his close up. Then after they all mess up a "doctor" (meaning teacher) comes on (wearing rabbit ears of course) and teaches them how to say it properly. A whole hour of this sure makes for interesting conversation between my honey and I.

How's that for late night TV? (it's 1 am here)


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i saw a japanese gameshow via youtube where a komodo dragon walked around and scared a young japanese girl, who had her head stuck through a hole in the floor of the room where the komodo dragon was :p. she was screaming like crazy!

my fiance often comments that when we go to japan, we're definately spending a whole day in front of our hotel tv just to watch those crazy shows ;).

Anonymous said...

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Rashida said...

Haha! Gotta love japanese television. I love how they play the same commercial 3 times in a row sometimes. That cracks me up.


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