Saturday, May 10, 2008

Would love your thoughts on bento cookbooks

Thanks to everyone who responded to the entry on what they would love to see on my new web site. I have another question for you all. I have gotten a lot of requests for bento boxes and accessories which I do plan to offer. I am wondering about cookbooks....not for the recipes per se but for the ideas for your kids' lunches. I remember the first time I saw my students' lunches....I was shocked! They were soooooo cute.

So....the question is....would people be interested in buying these cookbooks for ideas? This book, for example, not only has recipes (in Japanese) but shows you (with pics) how to cut apples into flowers, rabbits etc. It gives ideas on how to dress up veggies (no recipe per se...just add things to make eyes etc), how to roll sandwiches etc. I figure you can get ideas from this book to then use American (or French or Greek or Russian etc) food as substitutes. This book has 128 pages and would be around $25 (there are lots of these kinds of books at different prices, this is just the one I picked up to blog about). People love Japanese craft books so I thought about these....thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy one :)

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

i would love to have one of those, i'd definitely order one!!
i wish my lunch had looked like that when i was little.

missfire said...

Bento cookbooks would be GREAT! I usually get ideas from websites, but to have a BOOK would be awesome!

sofia said...

Hi all! Thanks for your input! I might just have to add these books to my new website and see how it goes!

Jess...I know what you mean...I would have loved to have had surprises each day when I opened my lunch. Some of my little kids would be so happy and surprised by what their moms had made-it was cute to watch!

Pineapple princess Beads said...

Would you consider clay books,I would die to get a collection of them.

Andreanna said...

Ohh I love those. I bet people would buy them even to just look at the photos.

lingyu said...

hi there (:
i happened to chance upon your blog n i really find it v interesting (:
love the way you talk abt ur life in japan!
im from singapore by the way (: the country tt's known as a lil red dot on the map!
n the stuffs u got over on ur etsy web r really pretty! or shld i say... kawaii! ^---^

pavotrouge said...

I'd love to get bento cookbooks, as well!

Anonymous said...

I love japanese books, do bento do craft books for crochet or knitting?

Kelly said...

Personally I wouldn't use a book like that. I'm just not that into spending extra time on something that I'm going to gobble down in minutes. Haha. But that's just my opinion.

stefania said...

Hi! I'm an Italian girl who loves Japan. I've found your shop on Etsy and was amazed by the amount of kawaii stuff and the good prices. I think I'll place an order soon. In the meanwhile, I reported your shop in the forum of an Italian Bento lovers community I'm a member of ( They appreciated and a couple of members have already placed an order. As bento fans, we would really love to be able to buy bento related stuff directly from Japan and at reasonable prices!^^
Looking forward to seeing your new web site soon!

Anonymous said...

um i would totally be interested in buying these books.... i've just recently been reading online somwhere about bento lunches. i want to make MY lunches look like that! :)

sofia said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks for posting all your thoughts!

Pineapple princess....I have seen cute clay books but haven't bought any cause I wasn't sure people would want them. I will try to find them and those I can list in my etsy store.

Andreanna-that is what I was thinking!

pavotrouge-Thanks for your comment!

Shazzer-bento means "lunch box" so bento books are about cooking lunches and making them look really cute!

Kelly-I understand what you are saying acutally (I have never made "obento" in my 10 years here!!)

Stefania-thanks for linking my store!! That is very sweet of you!

blendedcolors-Thanks for letting me know! I will be adding these to my new web site!

bunbun said...

Hi! I was reffered to check out your page, and boy am I glad I was pointed in the right direction!

Sugoi desu ne!

I would love to access to the bento cookbooks, I live close to kinkokuniya, but I get overwhelmed with the selection. I am trying to learn more about making pretty bentos, so it would be nice to get ideas from one source. I cannot wait to check out your shop in more detail soon!

sofia said...

bunbun...I love kinokuniya! Ok...I miss English bookstores but kinokuniya is pretty good. Yep...lots of selection. If you buy one, thumb through it first and make sure you don't get one that just has recipes in japanese. you want to get one that has section with lots of pictures with design ideas and cutting techniques-those are the best!


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