Saturday, May 31, 2008

Interesting pictures

I thought I would share with your some interesting pictures.

1) That is a view from my front door of the mountain I live near. Ok....maybe it isn't interesting but I sure think it is beautiful!

2) I was at the supermarket recently and saw this salad?! I always assumed salad was pretty low calorie but I guess some people need that pointed out to them in a foreign language! I swear if you add English to something here it immediately becomes cool!

3) Japanese always complain that American food is huge....but this 1800 yen (about $18) sundae blows that idea out of the water. Of course this is meant to be shared but this thing is really really big. Every time my honey and I go by this restaurant he practically drools when he sees it!

4 and 5-ok I have blogged before about crazy Japanese TV and I couldn't believe this when I saw it so I tried to take pics to show you. The first one is the same guy in the 2nd picture. They set it up like it is some important contest (hence is face up close looking serious). Basically this guy has to strip down to his "pantsu" (underwear), stand in front of the big yellow sign and try to stay standing as some guys blast him with water from a fire hose! This was (sadly) entertaining to my honey.

Did anyone here about the fact that Gocco's parent company has decided to stop making goccos as of June 30? This was announced in Japan the other day. I'm sure many people will be upset!!


Kelly said...

That sundae is super huge!!! haha.
You know.. it's funny because I think anything with Japanese on it is super cool. weird how that works, eh?

sofia said...

Hey Kelly-when I tell my Japanese friends or my students that people think Japanese is cool they look at me like I'm an alien. They don't get it! To them English is cool-works both ways I guess!

coffeegirl said...

I've seen two shows over here like the one you talk about. Pretty popular too. One is called "Ninja Warrior" (or "Sansuke" in Japanese" and the other is called "Unbeatable Banzuki". Contestants work their way through obstacle courses and all that. The ninja warrior folks go through 4 levels and you really end up rooting for your favorites. Even American Olympic gold medalists compete. It's strangely addicting. Do these shows sound familiar to you?

sofia said...

Hey coffeegirl! I have seen shows like this. Actually New Year's day they have that kind of show and there are famous athletes from the States on it. I watch these since there is nothing else to watch on January 1st anyway. I also love watching my honey's reaction to them. I have to say something I am almost embarrassed to admit to....I love watching Pride and K1 ...never thought I would say that but I do cover my eyes if there is too much blood.

krissie said...

i ❤ japan !

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

diet salad, you say? a-ha! maybe the reason i'm not losing weight it because i've just been eating REGULAR salads, not diet ones... heehee ;p.


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