Thursday, June 5, 2008

A walk through fairyland

I just had the perfect walk. I got home from work around 8 pm and it was a fabulous night-a wonderful cool breeze, stars in the sky-the perfect night for a walk. So, I went and got changed, got my honey and off we went. We walk the back roads in this "inaka" (countryside area) so we could hear the water flowing, the wind in the bamboo, frogs croaking etc. Then suddenly near the flowing water we could see little lights-lots of little fireflies. It was amazing! We watched these ones for a while and then continued on our walk. We walked by a little mountain covered in bamboo and through the bamboo we could see tons of fireflies deep in the forest-(this will sound weird) I felt like I had been transported to some fairytale and I was in a magical forest watching was surreal! Then we got to an area of rice fields which are divided by flowing water and on the banks of this "stream" were plants and a few trees and tons of fireflies. Standing there with the moon and stars, the cool breeze, the sound of water , my honey beside me watching these fireflies I realized that this was one of life's perfect moments!


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

that sounds absolutely beautiful and magical :). i love moments like that. it reminds you how precious life can be.

terryann said...

many of my life perfect moments have been in Japan too! ♥


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