Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's gift giving season!

It's gift giving season here in Japan....summer and December. People often get bonuses at work and give gifts to people and of course....stores are more than happy to help! Thing is....some of these gifts are rather unusual.

Picture 1) oil. For me getting a package of cooking oil would be similar to getting a vacuum cleaner from a boyfriend...don't quite get it. But hey....a gift is a gift!

Picture 2) You pay more for the special packaging.

Picture 3) A wide shot of the gift section at a supermarket.

Picture 4) Beer!! That is probably a pretty good gift for some people and since Japanese men tend to drink every night this would be appreciated!

Picture 5) Meat...perfect for bbq season!

They also have fish, snacks, coffee, boxes with soy sauce and other sauces, gifts of sweets etc. Oh and people will give gifts of fruit....I'm talking a couple hundred dollars worth of fruit as a gift!! Giving fruit as a gift is really big here. Speaking of students will often bring in apples from famous apple places in Japan that their friends sent them or fruit from special places in Japan.....I'm pretty sure that in Canada we don't send each other fruit in the mail. You want fruit you go to the farmer's market or the supermarket but here people send fruit in the mail!


Anonymous said...

but considering the price of fruit in Japan... I actually stopped eating fruit there, except when given by students. Love your blog

sofia said...

Thanks! And I do understand about noting eating fruit. I came here in the summer from Vancouver and I used to make a big fruit salad every week and I haven't made one in 10 years!


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