Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Japan And Credit Cards-UGH!!!

Ok...warning....this is a bit of a rant!

Many people think of Japan as technologically advanced....and they are BUT their banking and credit card systems suck!!

Actually there is 1 fabulous thing about Japanese credit cards-when you go to buy something and you pay by credit card they ask you "nankai oshiharai shimasuka" which basically means "how many times?" in other words they are asking you how many months do you want to take to pay it off. I LOVE this. So if you buy a big ticket item, say a washing machine, you can tell them "gokai" 5 times (ie months) or up to 24 in most cases. So you know exactly when it will be paid off. Revolving credit is kind of new here. We don't have it nor do we want it.

Now the rant....sooooooo many places DO NOT take credit cards! I'm not talking about mom and pop shops...I'm talking about stores in shopping malls....big shopping malls. And MANY places on line, do not take credit cards or something like paypal. So...if you buy online at one of these stores you then have to go to an ATM (which are not always 24 hours) and punch in all the store's info, your info, pay the bill etc. The ATM then spits out a kind of card that will make it easier to pay with the same store the next time. Personally, I think shopping online is supposed to make it EASIER to shop....what is with going to the bank!!! UGH!

Next story....the other day I tried to make a large business purchase online using my credit card. They take credit cards so I wasn't worried. The next day we get a phone call and they have to deny our order NOT because my credit card reached its limit but rather they have a limit to how much you can spend using a credit card!!! I actually looked at the ceiling and asked aloud....
"Does no one want my money?"

Rant over! ^__^


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

that story is funny and sad at the same time, haha! geez, can't anyone let a girl spend her money?! ;p

Jess said...

that was definitely a rant worthy cause. sorry it's such a hassle to use a card over there!

Spinvill said...

I`ve had a lot fun reading your blog and I`ve loved it!! It just made a place in my favorites.

I am a half japanese, living in Norway, but I am born and raised in Japan in my childhood. (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Ken)

Last year my whole family (mum, dad, sister and husband, my man and daughter!) went to Japan together. It was very strange in a way, haven`t been there for many years, and my japanese allmost forgotten, but all the memories still there...

I decided to move to Japan for a couple of years with my familiy, cause I miss it that much! The food, smells, houses, shopping, people, culture, even the funny and quirky things only Japanese do!I guess I am more Japanese than I am aware of...

I just love your Etsy shop, it is sooo kawaii, and gives me a piece of Japan in my living room!

www.spinvills-hverdags-sider. blogspot.com

sofia said...

Hey Melissa...I know!! Like...hello!! I have money and I want to spend it!


Spinvill-thanks for the kind words. Wow...Norway...very cool! Memories are powerful things! And it is weird going home after being gone for a while! I get culture shock every time I go back to Canada!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Love this rant because I have had the same rant time and time again! The Japanese banking system drives me nuts. I never understood why they asked me how many times I wanted my credit card charged (I use my Aussie credit card, don't have a Japanese one), so now I do ;)

sofia said...

Hey Melanie,

yeah the banking system sucks here...the only good thing (imo) is being able to choose how many times to pay something off!


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